English Garden (Ausbuff) Shrub Roses

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Colour White/Cream
Type David Austin
Also Good Fragrant, Repeat Flowering

English Garden - Shrub Roses
Rosa - English Garden (Ausbuff)

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No longer sold. Gentle Hermione is probably a better rose as a substitute


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English Garden David Austin Rose

English Garden (Ausbuff) was a beautiful shrub rose in her day. She was one of the early modern roses bred by David Austin but breeding has moved on and there are better roses in his range now. The one we think is the best substitute/replacement/improvement is Gentle Hermione which you can also buy from us. See our full range of David Austin roses available for sale.



  • Height: 1m x 75cm (3ft x 2.5ft)
  • Colour: Yellow with apricot tinges
  • Shape: Classic 'old rose' quartered shape
  • Scent: Good, delicate scent
  • Flowering: Continuous throughout the summer
  • Group: Modern shrub rose from David Austen
  • Foliage: Mid to dark green
  • Growth: Upright. Poor disease resistance


David Austin, who bred English Garden, developed an interest in horticulture and plant breeding very early in his life so a took a job with a Shropshire nurseryman, James Baker, and during that time read a book by George Bunyard on old roses which caught his imagination.  Old roses were grown less and less during this period because, although many had exquisite flowers with spectacular scent, they suffered from a number of defects that rendered them uninteresting to gardeners.  Most flowered just once in early summer, were prone to blackspot and mildew and, very often, the growth was leggy and spindly. He believed that by crossing these lovely old roses,such as the damasks and chinas, with modern roses he could breed something sturdier and more disease resistant that would flower continuously but retain the flower shape and scent of the old parent.  His first rose, Constance Spry, was a single flush rose but, after that, he achieved his goal.  He has now bred hundreds of new roses.

Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
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