Fruit Trees - Availability List

Fruit trees below are in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible.
Remember that these are living plants that we lift from the field in batches to meet batches of orders. You'll receive an emailed as soon as your order is ready to be dispatched.

You can browse all the fruit trees we grow, in stock or not.

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Apple, Braeburn-Dwarf Potted Malus domestica Braeburn Patio Tree, Potted 10
Apple, Coxs Orange Pippin-Dwarf Potted Malus domestica Coxs Orange Pippin Patio Tree, Potted 3
Apple, Delcorf-Dwarf 5.5lt Malus domestica Delcorf / Delbarestivale Patio Tree, Potted 2
Apple, Elstar-Dwarf 5.5lt Malus domestica Elstar Patio Tree, Potted 4
Apple, Golden Delicious-Dwarf Potted Malus domestica Golden Delicious Patio Tree, Potted 14
Apple, James Grieve-Dwarf Potted Malus domestica James Grieve Patio Tree, Potted 9
Apple, Santana-Dwarf 5.5lt Malus domestica Santana Patio Tree, Potted 2
Apple, Topaz-Dwarf 5.5lt Malus domestica Topaz Patio Tree, Potted 4
Cherry, Lapins Cherokee-Dwarf Potted Prunus avium Lapins Cherokee Patio Tree, Potted 12
Cherry, Stella-Dwarf Potted Prunus avium 'Stella' Patio Tree, Potted 6
Cherry, Sunburst-Dwarf Prunus avium Sunburst Patio Tree, Potted 8
Corylus maxima Purpurea-3L Corylus maxima Purpurea 3 Litre Pot 6
Corylus Red Majestic-3L Corylus Red Majestic 3 Litre Pot 1
Fig Trees - Brown Turkey Ficus carica Brown Turkey 3 Litre Pot 19
Mulberry, Black-7.5L Morus nigra 7.5 Litre Pot 19
Pear, Comice-Dwarf 5.5lt Pyrus communis Doyenne du Comice Patio Tree, Potted 2
Pear, Gieser Wildeman-Dwarf 5.5lt Pyrus communis Gieser Wildeman Patio Tree, Potted 8
Plum, Opal-Dwarf Prunus domestica Opal Patio Tree, Potted 10
Plum, Victoria-Dwarf Prunus domestica Victoria Patio Tree, Potted 4

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