Fruit Trees - Availability List

Fruit trees in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Please remember that these are living plants that we lift to order. Lifting is done in batches, so you will receive an email after ordering with a delivery estimate which will generally be a week away. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at all our fruit trees for sale 

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Apple Trees - Adams Pearmain-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Adams Pearmain 1/2 std 7
Apple Trees - Annie Elizabeth-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Annie Elizabeth MAIDEN 17
Apple Trees - Arthur Turner-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Arthur Turner BUSH 4
Apple Trees - Ashmeads Kernel-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Ashmeads Kernel 1/2 std 3
Apple Trees - Ashmeads Kernel-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Ashmeads Kernel BUSH 1
Apple Trees - Ashmeads Kernel-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Ashmeads Kernel MAIDEN 17
Apple Trees - Ballerina Samba-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Ballerina Samba MAIDEN 5
Apple Trees - Beauty of Bath-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Beauty of Bath 1/2 std 7
Apple Trees - Beauty of Bath-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Beauty of Bath BUSH 8
Apple Trees - Beauty of Bath-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Beauty of Bath MAIDEN 1
Apple Trees - Blenheim Orange-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Blenheim Orange BUSH 2
Apple Trees - Blenheim Orange-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Blenheim Orange MAIDEN 3
Apple Trees - Bountiful-1/2 std Malus domestica Bountiful 1/2 std 5
Apple Trees - Bountiful-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Bountiful BUSH 3
Apple Trees - Bountiful-CORDON-Bareroot Malus domestica Bountiful CORDON 10
Apple Trees - Bountiful-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Bountiful MAIDEN 2
Apple Trees - Braeburn-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Braeburn BUSH 15
Apple Trees - Bramley-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Bramley BUSH 44
Apple Trees - Bramley-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Bramley MAIDEN 32
Apple Trees - Charles Ross-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Charles Ross 1/2 std 4
Apple Trees - Charles Ross-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Charles Ross BUSH 7
Apple Trees - Chivers Delight-BUSH MM106-Bareroot Malus domestica Chivers Delight BUSH MM106 7
Apple Trees - Core Blimey - BUSH - Bareroot Malus domestica Core Blimey BAREROOT 7
Apple Trees - Coxs Orange Pippin-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Coxs Orange Pippin 1/2 std 22
Apple Trees - Coxs Orange Pippin-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Coxs Orange Pippin BUSH 34
Apple Trees - Coxs Orange Pippin-CORDON-Bareroot Malus domestica Coxs Orange Pippin CORDON 4
Apple Trees - Coxs Orange Pippin-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Coxs Orange Pippin MAIDEN 21
Apple Trees - Discovery-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Discovery BUSH 4
Apple Trees - Discovery-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Discovery MAIDEN 28
Apple Trees - Egremont Russet-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Egremont Russet BUSH 2
Apple Trees - Ellisons Orange-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Ellisons Orange 1/2 std 7
Apple Trees - Ellisons Orange-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Ellisons Orange BUSH 1
Apple Trees - Ellisons Orange-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Ellisons Orange MAIDEN 11
Apple Trees - Fiesta-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Fiesta BUSH 8
Apple Trees - Fiesta-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Fiesta MAIDEN 7
Apple Trees - Fortune-1/2 std MM106-Bareroot Malus domestica Fortune 1/2 std MM106 8
Apple Trees - Fortune-BUSH MM106-Bareroot Malus domestica Fortune BUSH MM106 9
Apple Trees - Golden Delicious-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Golden Delicious BUSH 7
Apple Trees - Golden Delicious-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Golden Delicious MAIDEN 6
Apple Trees - Greensleeves-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Greensleeves BUSH 4
Apple Trees - Greensleeves-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Greensleeves MAIDEN 5
Apple Trees - Grenadier-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Grenadier MAIDEN 1
Apple Trees - Herefordshire Russet-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Herefordshire Russet BUSH 7
Apple Trees - Herefordshire Russet-CORDON-Bareroot Malus domestica Herefordshire Russet CORDON 14
Apple Trees - Herefordshire Russet-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Herefordshire Russet MAIDEN 6
Apple Trees - Howgate Wonder-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Howgate Wonder BUSH 15
Apple Trees - Howgate Wonder-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Howgate Wonder MAIDEN 9
Apple Trees - Irish Peach-1/2 std MM106-Bareroot Malus domestica Irish Peach 1/2 std MM106 7
Apple Trees - Irish Peach-BUSH MM106-Bareroot Malus domestica Irish Peach BUSH MM106 6
Apple Trees - Irish Peach-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Irish Peach MAIDEN 7
Apple Trees - James Grieve-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica James Grieve BUSH 23
Apple Trees - Katy-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Katy 1/2 std 4
Apple Trees - Katy-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Katy BUSH 16
Apple Trees - Kidds Orange Red-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Kidds Orange Red 1/2 std 10
Apple Trees - Kidds Orange Red-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Kidds Orange Red BUSH 4
Apple Trees - Kidds Orange Red-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Kidds Orange Red MAIDEN 2
Apple Trees - King of the Pippins-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica King of the Pippins MAIDEN 3
Apple Trees - Lanes Prince Albert-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Lanes Prince Albert MAIDEN 1
Apple Trees - Laxton Superb-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Laxton Superb 1/2 std 14
Apple Trees - Laxton Superb-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Laxton Superb BUSH 26
Apple Trees - Limelight-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Limelight MAIDEN 1
Apple Trees - Lord Derby-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Lord Derby 1/2 std 10
Apple Trees - Lord Derby-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Lord Derby BUSH 4
Apple Trees - Lord Derby-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Lord Derby MAIDEN 3
Apple Trees - Lord Lambourne-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Lord Lambourne BUSH 8
Apple Trees - Lord Lambourne-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Lord Lambourne MAIDEN 4
Apple Trees - Michelin - Cider-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Michelin MAIDEN 3
Apple Trees - Newton Wonder-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Newton Wonder 1/2 std 8
Apple Trees - Newton Wonder-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Newton Wonder BUSH 5
Apple Trees - Newton Wonder-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Newton Wonder MAIDEN 17
Apple Trees - Orleans Reinette-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Orleans Reinette MAIDEN 4
Apple Trees - Peasgood Nonsuch-1/2 std Malus domestica Peasgood Nonsuch 1/2 std 3
Apple Trees - Peasgood Nonsuch-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Peasgood Nonsuch BUSH 5
Apple Trees - Peasgood Nonsuch-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Peasgood Nonsuch MAIDEN 5
Apple Trees - Red Falstaff-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Red Falstaff BUSH 8
Apple Trees - Red Pixie-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Red Pixie MAIDEN 4
Apple Trees - Red Windsor-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Red Windsor MAIDEN 4
Apple Trees - Reverend W Wilks-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Rev. Wilks BUSH 10
Apple Trees - Ribston Pippin-BUSH MM106-Bareroot Malus domestica Ribston Pippin BUSH MM106 7
Apple Trees - Rosette Bush Malus domestica Rosette BUSH 3
Apple Trees - Saturn-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Saturn MAIDEN 3
Apple Trees - Scrumptious-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Scrumptious BUSH 2
Apple Trees - Scrumptious-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Scrumptious MAIDEN 3
Apple Trees - Spartan-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Spartan BUSH 9
Apple Trees - Spartan-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Spartan MAIDEN 4
Apple Trees - Sunset-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Sunset 1/2 std 8
Apple Trees - Sunset-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Sunset BUSH 1
Apple Trees - Tickled Pink-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Tickled Pink BUSH 5
Apple Trees - Tickled Pink-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Tickled Pink MAIDEN 1
Apple Trees - Tom Putt-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Tom Putt BUSH 1
Apple Trees - Tom Putt-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Tom Putt MAIDEN 4
Apple Trees - Winter Gem-1/2 std-Bareroot Malus domestica Winter Gem 1/2 std 3
Apple Trees - Winter Gem-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Winter Gem BUSH 2
Apple Trees - Worcester Pearmain-BUSH-Bareroot Malus domestica Worcester Pearmain BUSH 1
Apple Trees - Worcester Pearmain-MAIDEN-Bareroot Malus domestica Worcester Pearmain MAIDEN 5
Cherry Trees - Bigarreau Napoleon-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Bigarreau Napoleon 1/2 std 1
Cherry Trees - Bigarreau Napoleon-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Bigarreau Napoleon MAIDEN 6
Cherry Trees - Early Rivers-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Early Rivers 1/2 std 2
Cherry Trees - Kordia-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Kordia 1/2 std 4
Cherry Trees - Kordia-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Kordia MAIDEN 1
Cherry Trees - Lapins Cherokee-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Lapins Cherokee 1/2 std 12
Cherry Trees - Lapins Cherokee-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Lapins Cherokee MAIDEN 9
Cherry Trees - Morello-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus cerasus Morello 1/2 std 21
Cherry Trees - Penny-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Penny MAIDEN 5
Cherry Trees - Stella-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Stella 1/2 std 14
Cherry Trees - Stella-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus avium Stella BUSH 42
Cherry Trees - Stella-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Stella MAIDEN 7
Cherry Trees - Summer Sun-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus avium Summer Sun BUSH 4
Cherry Trees - Summer Sun-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Summer Sun MAIDEN 14
Cherry Trees - Sunburst-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Sunburst 1/2 std 14
Cherry Trees - Sunburst-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus avium Sunburst BUSH 18
Cherry Trees - Sunburst-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus avium Sunburst MAIDEN 6
Cherry Trees - Sweetheart-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Sweetheart 1/2 std 14
Cherry Trees - Sweetheart-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus avium Sweetheart BUSH 23
Cherry Trees - Van-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus avium Van 1/2 std 16
Damson Trees - King Damson-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus institia Bradleys King MAIDEN 3
Damson Trees - Merryweather-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus institia Merryweather BUSH 5
Damson Trees - Merryweather-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus institia Merryweather MAIDEN 10
Damson Trees - Shropshire Prune-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus institia Shropshire Prune BUSH 3
Damson Trees - Shropshire Prune-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus institia Shropshire Prune MAIDEN 10
Fig Trees - Brown Turkey-1.5 LITRE POT Ficus carica Brown Turkey 1.5 LITRE POT 9
Gage Trees - Old Greengage-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus domestica Greengage 1/2 std 13
Gage Trees - Old Greengage-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Greengage BUSH 7
Gage Trees - Old Greengage-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus domestica Greengage MAIDEN 25
Mirabelle Ruby - Prunus insitita-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus insitita Mirabelle Ruby MAIDEN 13
Pear Trees - Beth-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Beth 1/2 std 5
Pear Trees - Beth-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Beth BUSH 9
Pear Trees - Beurre Hardy-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Beurre Hardy 1/2 std 15
Pear Trees - Comice-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Doyenne du Comice 1/2 std 8
Pear Trees - Comice-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Doyenne du Comice BUSH 33
Pear Trees - Concorde-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Concorde 1/2 std 6
Pear Trees - Concorde-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Concorde BUSH 24
Pear Trees - Concorde-CORDON-Bareroot Pyrus communis Concorde CORDON 5
Pear Trees - Concorde-MAIDEN-Bareroot Pyrus communis Concorde MAIDEN 1
Pear Trees - Conference-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Conference 1/2 std 45
Pear Trees - Conference-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Conference BUSH 3
Pear Trees - Humbug-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Humbug BUSH QUINCE A 9
Pear Trees - Invincible-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Invincible BUSH 2
Pear Trees - Louise Bonne of Jersey-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Louise Bonne of Jersey 1/2 std 1
Pear Trees - Louise Bonne of Jersey-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Louise Bonne of Jersey BUSH 19
Pear Trees - Onward-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Onward 1/2 std 6
Pear Trees - Onward-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Onward BUSH 1
Pear Trees - Onward-CORDON-Bareroot Pyrus communis Onward CORDON 9
Pear Trees - Onward-MAIDEN-Bareroot Pyrus communis Onward MAIDEN 2
Pear Trees - Sensation-MAIDEN-Bareroot Pyrus communis Sensation MAIDEN 5
Pear Trees - Williams Bon Chretien-1/2 std-Bareroot Pyrus communis Williams Bon Chretien 1/2 std 22
Pear Trees - Williams Bon Chretien-BUSH-Bareroot Pyrus communis Williams Bon Chretien BUSH 31
Pear Trees - Williams Bon Chretien-CORDON-Bareroot Pyrus communis Williams Bon Chretien CORDON 8
Pear Trees - Winter Nellis-MAIDEN-Bareroot Pyrus communis Winter Nellis MAIDEN 5
Plum Trees - Coes Golden Drop-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus domestica Coes Golden Drop 1/2 std 6
Plum Trees - Coes Golden Drop-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Coes Golden Drop BUSH 8
Plum Trees - Czar-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Czar BUSH 39
Plum Trees - Czar-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus domestica Czar MAIDEN 22
Plum Trees - Jeffersons-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus domestica Jeffersons MAIDEN 2
Plum Trees - Marjories Seedling-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus domestica Marjories Seedling 1/2 std 6
Plum Trees - Marjories Seedling-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Marjories Seedling BUSH 8
Plum Trees - Opal-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus domestica Opal 1/2 std 22
Plum Trees - Opal-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Opal BUSH 23
Plum Trees - Opal-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus domestica Opal MAIDEN 13
Plum Trees - Oullins Golden Gage-1/2 std Prunus domestica Oullins Golden Gage 1/2 std 2
Plum Trees - Oullins Golden Gage-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Oullins Golden Gage BUSH 7
Plum Trees - Rivers Early Prolific-1/2 std-Bareroot Prunus domestica Rivers Early Prolific 1/2 std 15
Plum Trees - Victoria-BUSH-Bareroot Prunus domestica Victoria BUSH 104
Plum Trees - Victoria-MAIDEN-Bareroot Prunus domestica Victoria MAIDEN 49
Quince Trees - Serbian Gold-1/2 std-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Serbian Gold 1/2 std 6
Quince Trees - Serbian Gold-BUSH-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Serbian Gold BUSH 8
Quince Trees - Serbian Gold-MAIDEN-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Serbian Gold MAIDEN 38
Quince Trees Meeches Prolific-BUSH-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Meeches Prolific BUSH 8
Quince Trees Meeches Prolific-MAIDEN-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Meeches Prolific MAIDEN 22
Quince Trees Vranja-1/2 std-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Vranja 1/2 std 19
Quince Trees Vranja-BUSH-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Vranja BUSH 7
Quince Trees Vranja-MAIDEN-Bareroot Cydonia oblonga Vranja MAIDEN 12

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