Collections of Mixed Flower Bulbs for Sale

Ready Mixed Flower Bulb Collections

Mixed bulbs make it easy to create a natural effect. There is a wide selection of bulb collections here for woodland, orchard, lawns and borders. All these mixtures are chosen to ensure interest, length of flowering, fragrance (where possible), bulb compatibility and economy.

You can browse our full range flower bulbs.

For strong establishment and the best flowering, we recommend using the Bulb Starter Rootgrow blend.

See our handy bulb planting guide for the best flowering results.

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  1. Mixed Crocus Bulb Collection
    5 choice varieties
    Pack sizes from 25 to 250 bulbs From £3.78  Inc VAT

  2. A mix of exotic daffodil (narcissi) bulbs including RHS AGM specimens
    • Years of spring flowers
    • Chosen for exceptional style and interest
    • Choice of 5kg or 12.5kg nets of bulbs
    • 5 award winning varieties
    From £22.98  Inc VAT

  3. A mix of 7 daffodil varieties to create wild drifts of woodland flowers
    • Years of spring flowers
    • Carefully mixed for reliability and a natural look
    • Choice of 5kg or 12.5kg nets of bulbs
    From £22.98  Inc VAT

  4. A mix of 6 dwarf daffodil (narcissi) bulbs
    • Years of miniature spring flowers
    • Chosen for exceptional style and interest
    • Sold in packs of 25 bulbs
    From £7.14  Inc VAT

  5. Mixed Orchard Bulb Collection
    Pack of 250 premium bulbs suitable for orchard naturalising.
    Contains mix of 50 Crocus, 100 Grape Hyacinth, 50 Tulip, 50 Daffodils From £64.74  Inc VAT

  6. Mixed Woodland Bulb Collection
    Packs of 250 premium sized bulbs
    Selected to grow well in woodland and under trees. From £74.94  Inc VAT

    • Group: Darwin hybrid
    • Height: 55 cm
    • Colour: various
    • Size of flower; up to 15 cm when open
    • Flowering: late April/May
    • Scent: slight/none
    From £7.91  Inc VAT

    • Group: Kaufmanniana and Greigii Hybrid
    • Height: 20 cm
    • Colour: various
    • Flower size: up to 12 cm
    • Flowering: March - April
    • Foliage:mottled/striped
    • Ideal for rockeries & pots.
    From £7.91  Inc VAT

    • Group: Double Early
    • Height: 30 - 40 cm
    • Colour: Various
    • Flowering time: April/ May
    • Size of flower: up to 12 cm
    • Scent: slight freesia fragrance
    From £11.94  Inc VAT

    • Height: 30-40 cm
    • Colour: various
    • Flowering time:  April/May
    • Group: Single Early
    • Foliage: green
    From £7.91  Inc VAT

    • Group: Lily flowered
    • Height: 45-60 cm
    • Colour: various
    • Flowering time: May
    • Scent: some are light scented
    • Foliage: mid-green
    From £10.98  Inc VAT

    • Tulip Naturalising Collection
    • 5 Varieties of hardy tulip
    • Suitable for naturalising
    • Priced per pack with pack sizes from 25 to 250 bulbs
    From £7.91  Inc VAT

    • Height: 30-60 cm
    • Colour: various
    • Flowering time: mid-late May
    • Scent: some are fragrant
    • Group: Parrot
    • Foliage: mid-green
    From £8.99  Inc VAT

    • Height: 45 cm
    • Colour: various
    • Flowering time: late April/May
    • Scent: some fragrant
    • Group: Triumph
    • Foliage: green
    From £7.91  Inc VAT

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