Half Standard Fruit Trees

What is a Half-Standard Fruit Tree? half standard

Half-standard is just one of a number of sizes in which you can buy fruit trees in the UK. These "sizes" mainly relate to their finished shape. Pretty obviously there is no point in buying an espaliered apple and trying to grow it into a 'normal' lollipop shape. A half standard fruit tree is a free standing tree, with a straight trunk when planted  between 90-140cms before the first branch of what will become a round head that eventually will be about 3 metres across and high. (Please note that these dimensions are always approximate - No two trees are perfectly alike and growing conditions vary season to season). Because plant growth occurs at the tip of its branches, the trunk height remains the same through its the life so a half standard fruit tree will ultimately be about 4 metres tall (1m trunk plus 3m head) and 3 metres wide.

This is our biggest delivery size and a half standard will arrive on your doorstep measuring about 1.6 metres+ when planted. The first formative pruning will have been done for you so the head should form correctly.

We grow half-standards because these are the perfect size for getting a big crop that can be harvested with a step-ladder - any bigger and you would need to use a picking crane.

Half standard fruit trees are ideal for orchards and larger gardens

The fastest way to get a big fruit tree. Might be too big for a small garden.
Tall enough for you to drive a lawnmower underneath.  

Our advice:
If you want a nice big fruit tree, go for a half-standard. But if space is tight and perhaps you really want two different trees - consider using a bush shaped tree.

Buying Half-standard Fruit Trees: Browse our fruit tree catalogue. We have a huge range of fruit varieties in in stock which you can order at any time of year as a half-standard if the size suits you.

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