Topiary Bay Trees for sale

Culinary Bay Trees

Bay trees provide a finishing touch to any door or add a sense of the Mediterranean to your garden

Bay is ideal for anywhere from a small city patio to a large country house courtyard, these hardy evergreen topiary trees make great structural features for a garden, small or large, and look wonderful framing a doorway or as the centrepiece to a patio garden. They also make fabulous presents for friends and family.


Laurus Nobilis - Bay Tree

Our bay trees or Noble Laurel are grown for us as topiary bay trees. Either as pyramids or as lollipops. Bay trees lend themselves to being pruned to shape and they are a superb way to introduce a little formality to a planting plan, either in a pot on a terrace or in the ground as part of a larger planting scheme.

The size and shape of these glossy dark green leaves can form an extremely pleasing contrast set against other topiary specimens such as box or privet. Once settled in, bay trees are as tough as old boots. All they need is good drainage and every garden should have one - if only for the availability of fresh bay leaves for the kitchen!

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  1. Laurus nobilis

    100-160cms Clipped Topiary
    • Glossy, neat evergreen foliage
    • Provides structure and formality
    • Aromatic
    • Disease resistant
    • Sun or partial shade
    • Prepared as either pyramid or lollipop.
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    From £5.25  Inc VAT

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