Glamis Castle (Auslevel) - White English Roses

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Colour White/Cream
Type David Austin
Also Good Repeat Flowering

Glamis Castle - David Austin English Rose
Rosa - Glamis Castle (Auslevel)

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No longer grown. Desdemona is a better white rose


This plant needs...
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Rosa Glamis Castle

Beautiful as she was, Glamis Castle® has been discontinued and is no longer propagated. Also by David Austin and similar in all but disease resistance (Glamis Castle was very prone to blackspot) is Winchester Cathedral® (Auscat) which we would recommend as an excellent replacement on your shopping list. For the rest of our great range of beautiful David Austin shrub roses look here

How to use this rose

Glamis Castle is a small twiggy, very floriferous rose making it ideal for the front of a border and the colour, a clear white with creamy centres, means it associates well in 'hot' or 'cool' plantings.  White flowered plants are best grown in groups making a bold statement, perhaps underplanted with low growing lavenders, nepeta or old fashioned pinks.  This is also a very good rose for cutting and behaves very well when grown in a large container. Glamis Castle is the perfect rose for a small garden.


  • Size: .90m x .90m (3ft x 3ft)
  • Colour: Pure creamy white
  • Flower shape: Fully double cupped old rose blooms
  • Scent: Gentle myrrh fragrance
  • Flowering: Repeat flowering from June to August
  • Group: David Austin shrub rose
  • Foliage: Dark green
  • Habit: Compact, short and twiggy
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit


Situated in Angus, Scotland, Glamis Castle has been in the hands of the Lyon family since the 14th century and is currently occupied by the current Earl and Countess of Strathmore.  Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, the Queen Mother and daughter of the Earl of Strathmore, spent her childhood there and she remained in love with Scotland her entire life.  There are many legends associated with the Castle, one of which refers to 'The Monster of Glamis'.  Supposedly a badly deformed child was born into the family and spent his life in a suite of rooms that were walled up after his death.  The story goes that, during a house party,  guests went from room to room hanging towels at all the windows.  When they had finished and went outside there were still some windows without towels.

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