Good Earth Cactus Dahlias

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Shade Full Sun
Soil Good, Well Drained
Colour Pink - Medium
Type Pot Grown, Rooted Cutting, Tuber
Also Good Vase Life
Flowering Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
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Dahlia Good Earth

If you want to evoke the spirit of the competitive dahlia growers of past times, you'll grow no better than Dahlia Good Earth. This traditional dahlia is a medium cactus variety, with large spiky flowers, up to 15cm across, in a mixture of vibrant pink shades. The centres are a deep fuchsia pink and the petals become paler, almost white, as they reach the tips. They are lovely, but Good Earth dahlias don't sound like your thing then have a look at the rest of our range of dahlias for sale. There's sure to be something to suit you.

There's also a hint of yellow at the centres on flowers that have just opened, providing a lovely contrast to their deep pink.

The fully double blooms of Good Earth dahlias have pointed petals with a slight incurve towards the centres. This shape is typical of cactus-flowered dahlias which among the most dramatic of all British garden flowers.

Growing Good Earth Dahlias...

In the garden, use dahlia Good Earth in the middle or towards the back of mixed borders where it works as well in pastel coloured planting schemes as inones designed to catch the eye a little more. At about 100 cm tall use it in mid-border. It is also an essential in your cutting garden. Either way the flowers can get quite heavy and will need staking. We would not recommend it for growing in containers.

Dahlia Good Earth was one of the go-to varieties of the traditional exhibition growers, when dahlias were grown for show or cutting for the house. It is still as popular today as an exhibition variety in the cactus class at autumn flower shows.

It also makes an excellent cut flower and looks stunning in a vase with its retro good looks.

Features of Good Earth Dahlias

  • Colour: Shades of pink with white tips
  • Foliage: Dark green divided leaves
  • Flower Size: Up to 15cm
  • Type: Cactus Dahlia
  • Cutting: Yes
  • Height/Spread: 1m x 50cm
  • Flowering: July to November
  • Planting Months: End February to July

Did You Know...

Good Earth dahlias are an heirloom variety, introduced in the early 1950s, and still pleasing gardeners almost 70 years later!

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