Decorative Grasses

Grasses are often the unsung heroes of the garden. They provide interest from fresh early growth through to long-stemmed flower and seedheads. The variety of their leaf colour and shape is extraordinary and their season can be enormously long. They are groundcover and backdrop rolled into one and can make an ordinary display remarkable.

Grasses are a fundamental component of our herbaceous plant selection and combined with their unfussy nature it is easy to see why they tend to be where great designers such as Piet Oudolf begin.

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    • Foliage: Narrow copper/bronze leaves
    • Flowering: Jun-Aug
    • Colour: Cream
    • Height: 75cm
    • Spread: 60-90cm
    • Spacing: 75-90cm
    • Position: Full sun, partial shade
    • Soil: Acid, Alkaline, Heavy, Light

    From £5.82  Inc VAT

    • Colour: Silver-green maturing to buff
    • Flowering: Jun-Sep
    • Foliage: Yellow-green
    • Height: 60cm
    • Spread: 30cm
    • Spacing: 30cm
    • Position: Sun
    • Soil: Any, well-drained
    • RHS AGM

    From £5.82  Inc VAT

    Sold Out - Ordering from December 2020

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