Herefordshire Russet Apple Trees

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Misc Pollinator, Self fertile
Pollination Group Pollination Group C
Fruiting Late Season
Type Eating

Apple Trees - Herefordshire Russet
Malus domestica Herefordshire Russet

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Malus Domestica Herefordshire Russet - Eating Apples

A new breed, we have waited to see if it does well before adding it to our catalogue and it is turning out to be an excellent specimen. Herefordshire Russet apples are simply delicious and everything that you may have heard about them being a russet that tastes like a Cox is true. The golden brown fruit are a little on the small side and connoisseurs will know that it is often the little ones that pack the richest flavour. The trees are strong growers and crop so well that you will certainly have to thin the fruit. You can pick them in October and they store quite well until Christmas.

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Herefordshire Russet History and Parentage:

Bred by Hugh Erwin around the turn of the millenium, Herefordshire Russet was released for general sale in 2003. We have been unable to find out about the parents - perhaps they are a secret but it seems more likely that this tree was a chance seedling from a busy orchard with dozens of possible parents. If anyone can find out more, we'd love to hear from you.

Apple Tree Pollination Guide for Herefordshire Russet

Your trees are almost fully self-fertile, though you will see some improvement in crop size if there is a pollination partner. Herefordshire Russet is in flower in the early to mid season and can cross pollinate with any tree in those categories.

Rootstocks and Cultivation Notes

Your trees mainly come on MM106 rootstocks, which are ideal for both restricted forms and larger, freestanding trees. The cordons, however, are grown on M9 rootstock, which is specially suited for this type of training, as they give a very small tree but one that requires support for its entire life.

Herefordshire Russet trees have not been around for long enough to be sure, but thus far they have shown themselves to be disease resistant, with one exception - aphids love them. Local lacewing and ladybird larvae will deal with these in time or a jet of soapy water will dislodge them. Herefordshire Russet trees are really good croppers and are sure to need thinning in most years.

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