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Hydrangea - 'petiolaris'

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About Hydrangea 'petiolaris':

Hydrangea 'petiolaris' is a very attractive, very vigorous climber originating from woodland areas of Japan, China, Korea and the Himalayas. It will tolerate many soils, even heavy clay, but needs good moisture retention and should be watered well in dry spells, particularly during establishment.

Once established it produces masses of showy white corymbs (flat white plates of tiny white flowers) that last all summer and the foliage is fresh green with good autumn colour. Although it does cling by means of aerial roots, these can be brittle and it will, occasionally, need additional support. It is also a very strong grower, needs plenty of space to expand. It can reach 30' to 50' although growth is quite slow. It should be pruned immediately after flowering.

Great for your garden:

Hydrangea 'petiolaris' is the absolutely perfect climber for a north or north-east wall as it prefers morning sun and some shade and will tolerate dense shade. It is strong and vigorous and requires a wall or solid structure for support.

It is ideal for difficult shady areas where the prolific white blooms will provide highlights in the gloom. It is a magnificent climber covering large areas with good bright green foliage and abundant flowers. It will grow in other sites but does not respond well to full sun and windy dry spots. Altogether it is an easy plant to grow and very rewarding.

Hydrangea 'petiolaris' characteristics.

  • Large white blooms
  • Good bright green foliage
  • Sun and partial shade - north and north-east walls
  • Vigorous and will grow to 30' - 50'
  • Mild fragrance
  • Slow growing
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit

  • Look out for:

    Hydrangea 'petiolaris' is healthy and generally disease free but can suffer from chlorosis if starved of nutrients when the leaves will become very yellow. A general purpose fertiliser will solve the problem.

    Occasionally it can be susceptible to rust and mildew both problems that can be avoided if all dead and dying leaves are removed from around the plant.


    The hydrangea is a very ancient plant and fossils of between 40 and 65 million years old have been discovered. Roots of hydrangea were used by native American medicine men to cure lung infections and kidney stones but please don't try this at home! It is also known that many varieties of hydrangea have been cultivated in China and Japan for several thousand years.

    In 1829, Philippe Franz von Siebold, a doctor and botanist, was expelled from Japan where he was working. He was accused of spying for the Russians and asked, politely, to leave. He left with several varieties of hydrangea in his possession, including Hydrangea 'petiolaris'.

    Thank you very much for the splendid Syringa Beauty of Moscow. It arrived in perfect condition and it was so lovely to have it within days of ordering.Hilary Catchpole
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