Lovely Bride Rose Bushes

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Colour Pink (Light)
Type Patio Rose
Ornamental Repeat Flowering
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Rosa Lovely Bride

This petite and very pretty Lovely Bride rose will certainly sweep you off your feet with its pert stature and stunning flowers. It is diminutive, never reaching much more than 50cm tall, but what it loses in stature it makes up for in the sheer volume of the purest, pale pink rosette flowers which is what makes it such a worthy member of our list of roses to give as gifts. These cascade down the bush from top to toe and last throughout the summer and autumn. The leaves are a healthy, mid-green colour but it is the old fashioned, lightly fragrant flowers that are the reason to buy Lovely Bride. For more of a statement patio rose, we also recommend the very stunning, deep red Sweet Wishes.

Put your Lovely Bride Centre Stage

​ If you thought that you needed to have a large garden to enjoy your own roses, think again. These new dwarf growing roses are robust and surprisingly reliable and floriferous so you can really plan your garden around them. You don't want to overwhelm the delicate Lovely Bride with enormous neighbours, but equally she is feisty enough to hold her own in the front pew of a small border adding brightness and fragrance, interspersed with low growing, sympathetic Nepeta Walker's Low, smaller varieties of Love in the Mist or some creeping thyme. A whole row of them would make a fantastic mini hedge. Patio roses lend themselves to being grown in pots which you can dot around a terrace, on the decking, on a window sill or even either side of the front door. The pot should be frost proof and at least 30 cm deep, filled with a few crocks at the bottom and plenty of free draining compost with a bit of added grit. Choose the colour to flatter the rose not distract from it; Lovely Bride's flowers are a subtle pink. With regular watering and a liquid feed during the growing season, you will set up your bride in her new home nicely so that once buds appear you can change your regime to a high potash feed so that she is as fecund as you were hoping. Surround the rose with trailing bedding plants like lobelias, diascias in fetching, pale colours or the trailing silver Dichondras 'Silver Falls'. And Lovely Bride is very low maintenance, just needing a light trim in late winter back to a healthy bud to keep her figure just so.


  • Size: 40-60 cm
  • Colour: pale pink
  • Shape: rosette, loose petalled
  • Scent: light
  • Flowering: continuous summer/autumn
  • Group: patio
  • Foliage: mid-green, healthy

Trivia about Lovely Bride

Lovely Bride is a relative newcomer to the commercial rose world, being part of the new wave of roses introduced to satisfy the growing number of keen gardeners in smaller gardens. The grower was Meilland, a company who continue to innovate in the rose world and have already been doing so for six generations. Every year they hand pollinate between 20 and 30 thousand flowers a year in their pursuit of perfect roses.

Please Note:

  • This rose is a gift and is carefully packed with tissue paper and (as long as you ask us to insert a message) a handwritten card. 
  • It is delivered by next day delivery service. Please give us instructions if the delivery address is at all difficult and ideally let us know where the parcel can be left if no one is in.
  • This rose is not in flower when it is delivered
  • It is a barerooted plant that has been containerised. It is best to leave it in the pot until March and then plant it out handling the rootball very carefully so as not to damage any new roots.
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Bareroot planting is best done between November and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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