Red Jade Crabapple Trees

Key Data
Misc Edible Fruit / Nuts, Self fertile, Wildlife Value
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Poor/Dry
Colour Pink - Light, Red/Crimson
Type Screening
Also Good Autumn Colour, Berries
Flowering Apr, May

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Malus Red Jade

Malus Red Jade (Malus × scheideckeri Red Jade) is a superb little weeping crabapple tree with pink buds that open into mostly white blossom and mature into little red fruit. We think that this tree is the best weeping crabapple variety. The flowers are extremely profuse; some are creamy white and some retain some of the bud's pink pigment. A thriving tree in bloom will be swallowed up in flowers that nearly reach down to the ground. Once the tree is mature, it provides you with a yearly opportunity to lie down and relax directly under a thick canopy of flowers. Malus Red Jade's other great feature is its small, cherry-like red fruit, which are as plentiful as the flowers and hang onto the branches, giving you something nice to look at well into winter. If your tree is in a sheltered spot, there may still be one or two left hanging on when the tree starts to wake up in spring. The autumn colour is a mellow yellow. It is a fantastic tree and is suitable, not only for any garden, but it can also be grown in a large pot. In the ground, in a suitable position, Malus Red Jade can reach a height of between 3-4 metres.

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History of Malus Red Jade
This tree's parent is probably 'Exzellenz Thiel' and it was discovered in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in the 1930's. Its botanical name is Malus x scheideckeri Red Jade.

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