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Mirabelle Ruby Plum Trees

Key Data
Misc Pollinator, Self fertile
Colour Red/Crimson
Fruiting Early Fruiting
Type Cooking, Eating

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Prunus insititia Ruby

The Ruby Mirabelle is a member of the damson family (Prunus insititia). Unlike your average damson however, its fruit is very sweet indeed. Mirabelle Ruby trees are prolific, covered in blossom in spring which is followed by masses of sweet, red fleshed fruit with a distinctive peach like taste. The tree is almost worth planting for its flowers which appear very early. The fruit ripens in August in the South and in early September further North

Mirabelles are usually grown in France for use in cooking - obviously in Tarte aux Mirabelles but they are also the main raw ingredient in plum brandy. Mirabelle Ruby is good for both these purposes but it is also sweet enough to eat straight off the tree.

Mirabelle trees are slender and very upright which make them well suited for smaller gardens and they are self fertile. Because they are early flowering they require protection from frost or they shoudl be planted in a sheltered position. The best mirabelles are grown in a south or west facing aspect and they prefer fertile, moist, well-drained neutral to slightly acidic soil. They do really well if Rootgrow is used when they are planted.

Please note that all our Ruby Mirabelle trees are on St Julien A rootstocks unless otherwise described.

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