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The details

  • Deep pink flowers
  • Unscented
  • Large single & semi-double blooms
  • Repeat flowering May-June & Sept
  • Height and spread up to 3m x 1m
  • Pruning Group 2
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Clematis Asao. 3 Litre Pot Grown Plants

Clematis Asao has large and showy single and semi-double blooms (up to 20cm diameter). They are deep pink in colour, with a pale central bar on each petal and golden-yellow anthers at the centre.

Flowers appear in late spring (May-June), often with a second flush in late summer (Aug-Sept). Attractive silvery seed heads follow the flowers. The foliage has an attractive bronze sheen. Its compact habit (final height 2-3m) makes it suitable for container growing.

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  • Flower colour: deep pink with paler bar
  • Flower shape: large single and semi-double blooms
  • Fragrance: no
  • Repeating: yes
  • Flowering months: May - Jun and Aug - Sep
  • Final height and spread: 2-3m x 0.9m
  • Pruning Group 2 

Great for your garden:

Asao will perform best with its roots in deep, moist soil and its head in the sun. It can tolerate any aspect but won't thrive in extremely hot and sunny conditions (for example where there is lots of reflected heat). Makes a fabulous specimen in a large container - it is relatively compact and easily shaped - or climbing up and over walls, fences and garden structures.

Did You Know?

Asao is a Japanese variety, introduced to the UK in 1980, and named after the town where it was bred.

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Planting and Care Instructions

How to grow Clematis Asao:

  • Give it a deep, moist spot to bury its roots into and support to clamber into the sun
  • The soil needs to be a well-drained (it wonbt tolerate water logging.)
  • Final height of 2-3m makes it well suited to scrambling through small to medium-sized trees and shrubs.
  • More compact than other varieties, Clematis Asao can be grown in a container, at least 45cm x 45cm.
  • Keep it moist, and make sure the growing medium drains well.
  • Pruning group 2 b prune dead or weak shoots back to a healthy bud in February.
  • All clematis like a mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost in late spring.