Willy Alpine Clematis Plants (Clematis alpina Willy)Willy Alpine Clematis Plants (Clematis alpina Willy)Willy Alpine Clematis Plants (Clematis alpina Willy)Willy Alpine Clematis Plants (Clematis alpina Willy)

Willy Alpine Clematis Plants

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Clematis alpina

  • Drooping, bell-shaped pale pink flowers
  • Repeat flowering
  • Hardy, deciduous growth
  • Grows up to 3m
  • Group 1
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Clematis Alpina 'Willy'

Clematis Alpina 'Willy' is a delightful deciduous climber covered prolifically in March and April with pretty pale pink drooping bell shaped flowers with mauve tints at the base of the petals.

It will thrive in full sun or partial shade, as long as the roots have a shady run, and prefers alkaline to neutral soil. It requires no pruning after the first 12 months and, if the plant is deadheaded in the spring, it will sometimes produce a second flush of blooms in late August/September. It takes a couple of years to get fully established but will then reach up to 3m.

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Great for your garden:

He is the perfect clematis for clothing or tumbling over low walls when it will form a trailing mound 3m x 1.5m and provide a stunning show of mauve tinged pale pink bell flowers in early spring.

It is fully hardy and will tolerate light shade but is at its best when the flowers are in full sun and the roots have a cool shaded run. It will train against a wall or pergola but will need support by way of wires or trellis. It requires no pruning and can therefore be left to scramble over tree stumps or as ground cover in wall side borders. It can also be grown in a container where its growth can be limited by judicious pruning.

  • Does very well in its natural habit growing through shrubs and hedges
  • Also looks great over a post or trellis, wall or arch
  • Mid-green foliage with narrow leaflets
  • Appreciates a good feed and regular watering
  • Flowers profusely

Clematis Alpina 'Willy' characteristics.

  • Hardy deciduous woody growth.
  • Will grow to an eventual height and spread of 3m x 1.5m.
  • Delightful drooping bell-shaped flowers of pink tinged with mauve.
  • Mid green leaves.
  • Early spring flowering with occasional second flush.

Look out for:

Willy is relatively disease free but, as with all clematis, Wilt can be a problem.

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Planting and Care Instructions

How to grow Clematis Alpina 'Willy':

Clematis Alpina 'Willy' can be grown easily following the Clematis planting notes.

All clematis require a cool moist root run as the roots are delicate and can easily be 'burnt'. In a hole considerably larger than the root ball, put some good garden or multipurpose compost mixed with grit at the bottom to a depth of 3 or 4 inches.

Place the clematis in the hole, sprinkle some Root Grow around the roots and backfill with compost making sure that the plant is set at least 3" below the new soil level. By burying some of the plant stem in this fashion it ensures new root growth and helps prevent the occurrence of clematis wilt. If the plant is in full sun, shade around the roots with slates or broken pot.

In the first year cut all stems back to 30cm in February - after that no pruning is required just the removal of dead or dying material.