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Obsidian Blackberry Plants

Rubus fruticosus 'Obsidian'Feefo logo

The details

  • Thorny.
  • Medium-large fruit, heavy crops, good flavour.
  • Brix level 9/10
  • Quite large plant.
  • Crops through August.
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Obsidian Blackberry Bushes

Description of Obsidian Plants & Fruit:
An early cropping variety with mightily big, beautifully glossy fruit, the Obsidian blackberry tops it off by being one of the heaviest croppers around.
Be patient - the fruit will aquire their best flavour only when they have turned totally black.

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Characteristics of Obsidian Bushes:

  • Self-fertile.
  • Thorny.
  • Fruit weight can be up to 6-7g.
  • Crop size can be up to 13kg.
  • Keep their colour & shape quite well when frozen.
  • Crops in August.

Growing Obsidian Blackberry Plants:

Because it's such a big cropper with large fruit, we do recommend a sunny spot to get the most out of Obsidian. Plant them 2 metres apart.

Read our detailed information on how to grow blackberries here.

Background Information on Obsidian Blackberry Bushes:

An American breed, created in 1993-1995 by the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS to its friends).
Its parents are from a series of blackberries known simply as ORUS - it probably won't help much to know that it was ORUS 828-43 and ORUS 1122-1 that gave rise to Obsidian (a.k.a. ORUS 1369-3).
The man behind the project was Dr Chad Finn.

What to expect

Bareroot plants


Bareroot plants have no soil around the roots. They are light, easy to carry and plant.

Perfect for Winter

The ground tends to be wet in winter, ideal for planting bareroot plants.

Value for money

You pay less for the same size bareroot plants, compared to potted.


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