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Queen of the Realm Apple Tree (Malus domestica Queen of the Realm) Img 1Queen of the Realm Apple Tree (Malus domestica Queen of the Realm) Img 1

Queen of The Realm Apple Trees

Malus domestica Queen of the RealmPlant guarantee for 1 yearFeefo logo

The details

  • MM106 Semi-vigorous rootstock
  • Eating apple
  • Purple skin with white lenticels
  • Pollination group C
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Queen of the Realm Apple Tree

Queen of The Realm Apple Trees

Queen of the Realm™ is a new variety released by Frank P Matthews to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee in February 2022.

A great sweet and juicy eating apple with white flesh and a delicious crunch. The purple skin with white lenticels stands out proud on the tree.

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It's not self fertile and is in pollination group C, so there are plenty of choices for pollination partners if you do not already have apple trees in the local vicinity.