Preference Decorative Dahlias

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Shade Full Sun
Soil Good, Well Drained
Colour Apricot/Orange Shades
Type Pot Grown, Rooted Cutting, Tuber
Also Good Vase Life
Flowering Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
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Preference Dahlias

If traditional flowers for the cutting garden are your thing, then you can't go wrong with Dahlia Preference. It's a heritage semi-cactus variety in the softest shades of apricot and pale pink, with a hint of orange in its darker centres.

The long, elegant petals pale to cream, making a classic bloom that goes so well with many other styles of dahlias. If you're looking for other styles or colours of dahlias, we have an incredible selection - click here to see our full range.

Great In Your Garden

Preference has been a cutting garden favourite for generations and it's easy to see why. Its soft colours and architectural flower shape contrasts so well with deep red, purple and burgundy or yellow dahlias, especially in pompom, ball or decorative types.

It's a prolific flowerer and has the added benefit of standing up well to wet weather, as its 10-15cm bloom, while still being impressive, aren't top heavy. However, it's still wise to plant Preference in a sheltered location to protect flowers from strong winds. A favourite of flower arrangers not just for its colours or shape, it also has a longer vase life than most other dahlias.

As quite an upright dahlia, you can pack more plants into your beds - plant at least five together for the best effect. They will also grow in large pots in a location sheltered from excessive winds.


  • Colour: Apricot-pink with a hint of orange at the centres and petals fading to cream
  • Foliage: Green divided leaves
  • Flower Size: 10-15cm
  • Type: Semi-cactus Dahlia variety
  • Cutting: Yes
  • Height/Spread: 1.2m x 50cm
  • Flowering: July to November
  • Planting Months: End February to July

Did You Know...

Preference is a real heritage dahlia, introduced in Holland in 1911 - generations of gardeners have given it their seal of approval and it has stood the test of time, despite countless newer introductions.

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