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Brother Cadfael Roses for Sale

Key Data
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Pink - Medium
Type David Austin
Also Good Fragrant, Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

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Brother Cadfael Rose

Among pink shrub roses, Brother Cadfael stands out for its strong, uniform and clear pink. Each flower emerges from a rounded, cerise bud as a large globe at least 10 cm across with forty or more ruffled petals arranged peony style. The flowers are held upright so that they are seen to good advantage from all angles. The young leaf and shoot growth is coppery while the mature leaves are a good, dark green. The bush shape has pleasing proportions being just taller than it is wide and it is bushy from the bottom to the top. There are few, if any, thorns. The flowers last all season, as is David Austin's wont, and withstand all the current rose diseases. Buy Brother Cadfael for its powerful Old Rose smell in particular - a scent that is so full of nostalgia. And if you don't believe the above, riffle through the rest of our shrub roses to find a better bet.

What's up Bro?

Well in this case, nothing illicit - although this is a rose that most definitely overwhelms the senses. A go-to rose for anyone planting a scented garden or for anyone trying to find the sort of pink that has presence without being too vivid and overpowering. We would recommend this rose in a herbaceous border with Alchemilla mollis or lovely lavender, the fabulous Geranium Rosanne or to stand guard at the feet of climbers like Daniel Deronda or any of our Wisteria . Its lack of thorns and good posture is appealing to flower arrangers making it a good suggestion for the cutting garden as well.


  • Height: up 1.2 m
  • Width: up to 90 cm
  • Colour: clear, deep pink
  • Flower shape: double
  • Size of flower: 10 cm+
  • Scent: strong Old Rose
  • Flowering: Repeat
  • Group: English Shrub Rose
  • Disease resistance: good
  • Thornless

Who is Brother Cadfael?

Apparently he is a fictional detective who worked in Shropshire - part of the imaginative landscape of one Ellis Peters. David Austin's nursery is in Shropshire. So lovers of the thriller and residents of Shropshire take note!

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