Phyllis Bide Rambling Roses

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Shade Partial Shade
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Pink (Light)
Type Climber or Rambler, Screening
Also Good Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct
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SIZES 1-2 3-910+
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Phyllis Bide - Rambling needs...
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Rosa Phyllis Bide - Rambling Roses

Description of Phyllis Bide Roses:
This is a medium sized rambler with few thorns and delicately ragged flowers. The petals are a blend of pink and orange, without a gentle fragrance. However, unlike most ramblers, Phyllis Bide will flower in several flushes through the summer. Add to this her ability to do well on a north wall, and it is easy to see why Phyllis Bide is so popular. But if you would prefer a larger rambler or one with more scent, have a look at the rest of our Rambling Rose Bushes.

Characteristics of Phyllis Bide Bushes:

  • Bud colour: Pink.
  • Colour: Mixed pink tips and orange centre.
  • Flower Shape: Small, double, open, loose and frilly.
  • Fragrance: 1-Faint
  • Flower Period: Repeat
  • Leaves: Mid-green.
  • Height: 3 metres.

Read about Growing Roses here.

History and Parentage of Phyllis Bide Roses:

Bred in Britain in 1923 from Perle d'Or and Gloire de Dijon. It is one of the parents of Perennial Blush.

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Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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