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High quality rose bushes are among the most popular British garden plants, often with beautifully scented and always sumptuous looking flowers beginning in late May with some varieties still going strong into the foothills of winter. 
Roses are enormously tough, transplant reliably, tolerant of a range of conditions and soil types and respond well to pruning.

What is so good about Bareroot Roses?

The majority of roses in the UK are planted bareroot, but for many new gardeners, the idea of buying a plant with no soil around its roots feels wrong: how can they survive transit without a pot?

The secret is that they are sleeping (dormant) in winter, and during their brief time out of the field we store them in chilled, humid conditions that keep them nice and moist. A dormant rose's equivalent of a nice warm duvet and a good night's sleep.
When you need them, your roses are carefully packed and sent to you by next day delivery.

• Bareroot roses cost and weigh less than pot grown. They usually need less watering in their first year, and will generally outgrow their potted equivalents.

• Pot grown plants give you a longer planting season, make for prettier gifts (especially our gift wrapped roses!), and will grow happily in their pots if planting is delayed.

• Some varieties are only delivered in pots, others are delivered bareroot in winter and in pots the rest of the year. 

Almost all our roses are grafted, using the best rootstocks. The young plants are grown in heavy clayey soil with masses of organic matter to give them the perfect conditions to grow into well-shaped plants with strong roots.

All our mail-order rose bushes come with free returns and our Replacement Guarantee for bareroot stock, so you can give buy and plant them with complete confidence.
Best advice & friendly support throughout.