A Shropshire Lad® Climbing Roses

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Misc RHS AGM, Wildlife Value
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Pink (Medium)
Type Climber or Rambler, David Austin
Also Good Repeat Flowering
Flowering Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Rosa 'A Shropshire Lad' (Ausled®)

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A Shropshire Lad® Rose Plants

This climbing rose is one of David Austin's most popular and deservedly so. A Shropshire Lad has dark pink buds that open to reveal about 90 peachy pink petals contained in a round cup. The complexity of the arrangement of petals is mind-boggling and beautiful. As the flower matures the petals form a flatter rosette and the colour eventually fades to pale pink. Meantime the lovely perfume persists until the petals fall. But even as the flowers go over they retain an extraordinary charm. And there are lots of them: A Shropshire Lad is well known for its rude health and astonishing vigour which promote a constant stream of roses from early June right through to November. To top it off the leaves are healthy, numerous, large and a good dark green and the bush is virtually thornless.

Ludlow and beyond

A Shropshire Lad will delight all wending their way through your garden, from the serious rose connoisseur to the complete garden innocent. Its winning combination of stunning flowers and good health have earned it an RHS AGM and mean it works well in any part of the country and in any style of garden from clean-lined contemporary to the most romantic and old-fashioned. Bear in mind that it grows to a fair height if it is happy but you will enjoy trouble free roses all summer. It looks particularly good set against a dark clematis like Etoile Violette or the redoubtable Polish Spirit. Team it up with Hidcote lavender or another shrub rose such as Captain John Ingram, an enormously special rose that sadly only flowers once in the season. Being practically thorn free recommends A Shropshire Lad as a climber in those locations where people and roses can "come together". So perfect around a doorway for example. 


  • Height: up to 3 m
  • Width: up to 2 m
  • Colour: peachy pink, fading to pale pink. Dark pink buds
  • Shape of flower: cupped, rosette
  • Size of flower: large, many-petalled
  • Scent: strong and fruity
  • Flowering: repeat through summer and into winter
  • Group: Climbing rose

Did You Know? 

While this rose was named after A E Housman's cycle of poems A Shropshire Lad, David Austin himself is also a Shropshire lad and his nursery and gardens are all in Shropshire. A E Housman meanwhile was actually born in Worcestershire and knew Shropshire only slightly.

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Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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