Soft Fruit Plants - Full List

The complete list of Soft Fruit Plants including strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants and more. UK grown, guaranteed and ready to order now....
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  1. Albion Strawberry Plants

    Albion Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Everbearing Strawberry
    • Good crop size.
    • Sweet flavour.
    • Very disease resistant.
    • Crops all summer.

  2. Autumn Bliss Raspberry

    Autumn Bliss - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    From £1.05
    Autumn fruiting raspberry: Autumn Bliss is an autumn fruiting variety
    • Fruits on current year's growth
    • Crops from late August - October

  3. Wild Blackberries in October

    Blackberry - Rubus fruticosus

    From £1.20
    Rubus fruticosus - 40 - 60cms Bushes
    • Native bramble. Thorny, blackberries in late summer.
    • Self fertile.
    • Good ground cover for wildlife.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.

  4. Blackcurrant Bushes - Ben Connan - Bareroot

    Blackcurrant Bushes - Ben Connan - Bareroot

    From £4.50
    Blackcurrant, Ben Connan

  5. Blackcurrant, Ben Lomond

    Blackcurrant, Ben Lomond

    From £4.50
    Blackcurrant, Ben Lomond

  6. Blackcurrant, Ben Sarek

    Blackcurrant, Ben Sarek

    From £4.50
    Blackcurrant, Ben Sarek - barerooted for economical winter planting

  7. Big Ben Blackcurrants

    Blackcurrant, Big Ben

    From £2.35
    • Very large fruit. Sweet.
    • Crops from late June.

  8. Blackcurrant, Ebony

    Blackcurrant, Ebony

    From £4.50
    Ebony blackcurrants are one of the largest blackcurrants around. Nearly as sweet as Big Ben. July-Aug.

    Out of Stock

  9. Ripe Duke Blueberries

    Blueberry, Bluecrop

    From £7.25
    • Height: 1.2 m
    • Harvest: late July/August
    • Fruit: large, blue berries
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Pollination: self fertile, but best to grow with another blueberry
    • Spacing: 1.2 m apart
    • Soil: Acidic

  10. Blueberry, Chandler

    Blueberry, Chandler

    From £7.25
    Chandler is our latest ripening Blueberry, Cropping in late July to August.

    Out of Stock

  11. Ripe Duke Blueberries

    Blueberry, Duke

    From £7.25
    Duke ripens slightly later than Earliblue, usually in mid-late July.

  12. Earliblue Blueberry Plant

    Blueberry, Earliblue

    From £5.25
    Earliblue is our earliest cropping Blueberry. Ripens from Early July.

  13. Boysenberry Plants

    Boysenberry Plants

    From £7.25
    Boysenberries are drought resistant & taste like wild blackberries

    Out of Stock

  14. Buckingham Thornless Tayberry Plants

    Buckingham Tayberry Plants

    From £7.25
    A nearly thornless tayberry plant.

    Out of Stock

  15. Buddy - Everbearing Strawberry

    Buddy Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Everbearing Strawberry
    • Good crop size.
    • Firm texture, good for storage.
    • Very disease resistant.
    • Crops all summer.

  16. Cambridge Favourite Strawberries

    Cambridge Favourite Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Early - Main season Strawberry:
    • Medium sized fruit, large crops.
    • Superb flavour, great for jam & freezing.
    • Disease resistant.
    • Crops from Mid June when grown in the open.

  17. Captivator Gooseberry Bushes

    Captivator Gooseberry Bushes

    From £5.25
    Main Season Gooseberry Bush. Crops July. Mildew resistant.

  18. Cascade Delight Raspberry Plants for Sale

    Cascade Delight - Raspberry Plants

    From £1.05
    Mid Season: Best choice for less well drained soils (root rot resistant).

  19. Chester Blackberries

    Chester Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thornless.
    • Medium size fruit, sweet.
    • Big, vigorous plant.
    • Crops Aug until winter frosts.

  20. Christine Strawberry Plants

    Christine Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Very Early Season Strawberry:
    • Very sweet, large fruit.
    • Modest crop size.
    • Firm fruit are hard to bruise.
    • Very disease resistant (apart from crown rot).
    • Crops from Early May under cover, Early June in the open.

  21. Cupid Strawberry Plants for Sale

    Cupid Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Late Season Strawberry
    • Large fruit with an orange hue.
    • Very disease resistant.

  22. Elegance Strawberries for Sale

    Elegance Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Late Season Strawberry
    • Huge fruit.
    • Good disease resistance, except against mildew.

  23. Elsanta Strawberry Plants for Sale

    Elsanta Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Mid Season Strawberry
    • Very common supermarket strawberry.
    • Medium sized fruit, great flavour.

  24. Erika Raspberries - Autumn Fruiting

    Erika - Raspberry Plants

    From £2.05
    • Height: 1.6 m
    • Spread: 50cm
    • Flowering: May
    • Fruit: red/orange and large
    • Use: dessert/culinary
    • Taste: sweet/strong
    • Picking: August - October
    • Spacing: 50 cm apart and 2m between rows

  25. Fenella Strawberry Plants for Sale

    Fenella Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Late Season Strawberry
    • Very sweet flavour. Firm skin.
    • Tough, disease resistant plants.

  26. Flamenco Strawberries

    Flamenco Everbearing Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Everbearing - Mid - V. Late season Strawberry Plant
    • Repeat fruiting from Mid July to Sept/Oct.
    • Disease resistant.
    • Firm, juicy fruit.

  27. Florence Strawberry Plants

    Florence Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Late season Strawberry Plants:
    • Big crops of large, delicious fruit.
    • Disease resistant.
    • Good for freezing & jam.
    • Crops in late July-August.

  28. Glen Aple Raspberries

    Glen Ample - Raspberry Plants

    From £1.05
    Mid Season: Nearly Thornless and Upright plants.
    • Crops through July

  29. Glen Lyon Raspberries

    Glen Lyon - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    From £1.05
    Early Season Raspberry Canes:
    • Crops from mid-June to July
    • Thornless

  30. Glen Magna - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    Glen Magna - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    From £1.05
    Mid-Late Season Raspberry Canes:
    • Crops from July to August
    • Few Thorns
    • Good disease resistance.

  31. Glen Moy Raspberries

    Glen Moy - Raspberry Plants

    From £1.05
    Early Season: Aphid Resistant Raspberry
    • Crops from June - Early July

  32. Ripe Hinnomaki Yellow Gooseberries

    Hinnomaki Yellow Gooseberry Bushes

    From £5.25
    • Eating. Fruity flavour.
    • Big yellow-green fruit.
    • Very Hardy and disease resistant. Suitable for organic growing.

  33. Honeoye Strawberries

    Honeoye Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Early Season Strawberry:
    • Firm fruit are good for freezing.
    • Good size fruit in large crops.
    • Mildew & grey mould resistant.
    • Crops from Mid-June to July.

  34. Invicta Cooking Gooseberries

    Invicta Gooseberry Bushes - Bareroot

    From £5.25
    Invicta: The Winner: Early cropping, green fruit, very heavy cropping, disease resistant plant.

  35. Joan J - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    Joan J - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    From £1.05
    Very Late Season: The best autumn fruiting / primocane raspberry for freezing.
    • Fruits on stems that grew that year
    • Crops from late August - October

  36. Karaka Black Blackberry Plants

    Karaka Black Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Slightly Thorny.
    • Massive fruit, mild tangy flavour.
    • Small plant.
    • Crops Mid-July - September.
    • Resistant to Grey Mould.

    Out of Stock

  37. Leo Alba White wild Strawberries

    Leo Alba Strawberry Plants

    From £1.05
    Late Season Strawberry
    • Wild white alpine strawberry.
    • Small yields of very distinctive fruit.

    Out of Stock

  38. Ripe Loch Ness Blackberry in August

    Loch Ness Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thornless.
    • Small fruit, sharp, wild flavour.
    • Compact, upright plant, good for pots.
    • Crops Mid-Aug - Mid-September.

    Out of Stock

  39. Loch Tay Blackberry Plant

    Loch Tay Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thornless.
    • Small fruit, sweet flavour - excellent.
    • Compact, upright plant, good for pots.
    • Crops Mid/Late-July - Mid-September.

    Out of Stock

  40. Loganberry Bushes

    Loganberry Plants

    From £7.25
    Crops Late July-September. Fruit are ideal for cooking.

    Out of Stock

  41. Mae Strawberry Plants

    Mae Strawberry Plants

    From £0.69
    Early Season Strawberry:
    • Sweet - best eaten fresh.
    • Good size fruit, large crops.
    • Not disease resistant.
    • Crops from Mid-May under cover, in June in the open.

    Out of Stock

  42. Main Season Strawberry, Royal Sovereign

    Main Season Strawberry, Royal Sovereign

    From £0.69
    Main season Strawberry:
    • From July when grown in the open.
    • Great flavour, average size crops.
    • Good in pots.

    Out of Stock

  43. Main Season Strawberry, Totem

    Main Season Strawberry, Totem

    From £0.69
    Main season Strawberry: "Totem"
    • Fruits in July when grown in the open.
    • Very good for freezing

    Out of Stock

  44. Ripe Malling Jewel Raspberry

    Malling Jewel - Raspberry Canes

    From £1.05
    • Height: 1.5 m
    • Flowering: May
    • Fruit: red, firm. sweet
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Picking: July
    • Spacing: 60 cm apart and 2m between rows

  45. Pot grown Obsidian Blackberry plants

    Obsidian Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thorny.
    • Medium-large fruit, heavy crops, good flavour.
    • Quite large plant.
    • Crops through August.

  46. Octavia - Raspberry Plants

    Octavia - Raspberry Plants

    From £1.05
    Late Season Raspberry Canes:
    • Thorny.
    • Upright plant & heavy cropper.
    • Crops from Late July into August.

  47. Pax Gooseberry

    Pax Gooseberry Bushes

    From £5.20
    • Nearly thornless
    • Self-fertile.
    • Ruby red, sweet
    • Crops from mid June onwards.
    • Mildew resistant.
    • Yield 1.5 - 2kgs per bush.

  48. Polka Raspberry - Autumn Fruiting

    Polka - Raspberry Canes

    From £1.05
    Early autumn fruiting.
    • Fruits on current year's growth
    • Very Sweet.
    • Excellent crop size.

  49. Ripe Junifer Redcurrants

    Redcurrant, Junifer

    From £4.50
    Redcurrant, Junifer

  50. Redcurrant, Rovada

    Redcurrant, Rovada

    From £4.50
    Redcurrant, Rovada

  51. Reuben Primocane Blackberries

    Reuben Blackberry Plants

    From £3.05
    • Large fruit.
    • Upright growth, ideal for dense planting.
    • The first primocane blackberry!
    • Crops on the current year's growth.

    Out of Stock

  52. Freshly cut StockBridge Arrow rhubarb

    Rhubarb - Stockbridge Arrow

    From £3.05
    Stockbridge Arrow
    • Early summer crops.
    • Large yields.
    • Superb red colour when forced.

    Out of Stock

  53. Rhubarb - The Sutton

    Rhubarb - The Sutton

    From £3.05
    The Sutton
    • Slightly later crops than Stockbridge Arrow.
    • Very large yields.

    Out of Stock

  54. Rhubarb - Timperley Early

    Rhubarb - Timperley Early

    From £3.05
    Timperley Early Crowns
    • Very early crops.
    • Medium yields.
    • Naturally tender.

    Out of Stock

  55. Ruby Beauty Raspberry Canes in a pot

    Ruby Beauty - Raspberry Plants

    From £5.25
    • Pot grown
    • Height: 1 m
    • Flowering: April/May
    • Fruit: red, firm, sweet
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Picking: June-July
    • Spacing: 1 plant per 10 litres of compost

    Out of Stock

  56. Glen Aple Raspberries

    Sugana - Raspberry Plants

    From £3.15
    • Height: 1 .5 m
    • Spread: 50 cm
    • Flowering: April/May
    • Fruit: large, red, firm, sweet
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Picking: June-October
    • Spacing: 70 cm to 1 m

  57. Tadmor Raspberries

    Tadmor - Raspberry Plants

    From £1.05
    • Firm, dense fruit.
    • The latest cropping (summer fruiting variety).

  58. Tulameen - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    Tulameen - Raspberry Plants - Bareroot

    From £1.05
    Mid-Late Season: Tulameen crops through July & into August.

  59. Whitecurrant, Blanka

    Whitecurrant, Blanka

    From £4.50
    Whitecurrant, Blanka

  60. Xenia Gooseberry Plant

    Xenia Gooseberry Bushes

    From £3.30
    • Eating / Cooking (Sweet)
    • Few thorns.

    Out of Stock

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