Gooseberry Bushes for Sale

The Best Gooseberry Bushes

UK Grown Ribes uva-crispa Varieties

Gooseberry bushes produce fruit ranging from sharp enough to need sugar to sweet enough to be eaten straight off the plant. Fruits are coloured yellow, green or red and all our gooseberry plants are guaranteed and grown here in the UK.

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All the plants in this section have a Year Guarantee, with free delivery on orders over £60, or £100 for pot grown plants. Best advice & support throughout.

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    • Main Season, Crops July.
    • Mildew resistant.
    • Almost thornless.
    • Good resistance to mildew & leaf spot
    From £4.25  Inc VAT

    • Size: 1.6m
    • Fruit: large, green
    • Taste: aromatic and sweet when fully ripe
    • Use: eat fresh or cooked in jams, pies and desserts
    • Picking: mid July. Freezes well
    • Colour: olive green
    • Spacing: 1.5m between plants
    From £7.99  Inc VAT

    • Colour - Red fruit
    • Type - Dessert/cooking
    • Health - Mildew resistant
    • Cropping - July.
    • Planting - 1.5 metres apart
    • Self-fertile
    • Yield 2 - 3kgs per bush.
    From £7.99  Inc VAT

    • Eating. Fruity flavour.
    • Big yellow-green fruit.
    • Self-fertile.
    • Very Hardy and disease resistant.
    • Suitable for organic growing.
    From £4.25  Inc VAT

    • Size: 1m
    • Fruit: Large, green. Best for Cooking.
    • Taste: aromatic and sweet when fully ripe
    • One of our earliest cropping varieties.
    • Picking: Late May-June. Freezes well
    • Spacing: 1.5m between plants
    • RHS Award of Garden Merit
    From £4.25  Inc VAT

    • Nearly thornless
    • Self-fertile.
    • Ruby red, sweet
    • Crops from mid June onwards.
    • Mildew resistant.
    • Yield 1.5 - 2kgs per bush.
    From £5.95  Inc VAT


    • Eating / Cooking (Sweet)
    • Few thorns.
    • Fruit: Large, red. Best for eating.
    • Taste: very sweet when fully ripe
    • Crops mid-season.
    • Picking: Late June.
    • Overall better variety than Pax
    • Spacing: 1.5m between plants
    From £4.25  Inc VAT

    • Blackcurrant x Gooseberry hybrid
    • Shade tolerant
    • Thornless
    • Vigorous & very disease resistant
    • Young fruit are ideal for jams and other cooked delights
    • Fully ripe fruit are sweet, great with cream
    • Freezes well
    • Hardy, but flowers may need cover from late spring frost
    • Yields up to 5kg
    • To 2m
    From £7.99  Inc VAT

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