Gooseberry Plants

Gooseberry bushes produce fruit to suit any taste. Sharp enough to need plenty of sugar or sweet enough to be eaten straight off the plant. Fruits are coloured yellow, green or red and all our gooseberry plants are guaranteed and grown here in the UK.
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  1. Captivator Gooseberry Bushes - Bareroot

    Captivator Gooseberry Bushes - Bareroot

    Main Season Gooseberry Bush. Crops July. Mildew resistant.

  2. Ripe Hinnomaki Yellow Gooseberries

    Hinnomaki Yellow Gooseberry Bushes

    • Eating. Fruity flavour.
    • Big yellow-green fruit.
    • Very Hardy and disease resistant. Suitable for organic growing.

  3. Invicta Cooking Gooseberries

    Invicta Gooseberry Bushes - Bareroot

    Invicta: The Winner: Early cropping, green fruit, very heavy cropping, disease resistant plant.

  4. Pax Gooseberry

    Pax Gooseberry Bushes - Bareroot

    • Nearly thornless
    • Self-fertile.
    • Ruby red, sweet
    • Crops from mid June onwards.
    • Mildew resistant.
    • Yield 1.5 - 2kgs per bush.

  5. Xenia Gooseberry Plant

    Xenia Gooseberry Bushes

    • Eating / Cooking (Sweet)
    • Few thorns.

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