Where is my order?

Waiting for a plant delivery should not be stressful so here are some facts about the way the process works that may make your life easier:

Because we communicate by email where possible, it is really important to make sure that your email filters will allow communications from ashridgetrees.co.uk through so they are not lost in spam.

Unless your order is being delivered by pallet (which will have been discussed with you on the phone well in advance) your order will be left safely, without a signature.

So there is no need to wait in for your plants. We always email you the day before delivery so you should know which day they are due which means you can look out for them when you get home. Please check in outhouses, behind rubbish bins, on terraces and with neighbours before giving us a call as 99.9% of the time the delivery will have been made.

Deliveries can happen up to 6pm, so please do not worry if your plants have not arrived by mid-afternoon. There is still time!

If nothing has arrived by 11am on the working day following your expected delivery date, please call us on 01963 359 444 or email us at support@ashridgetrees.co.uk

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Thank you, The Ashridge Nurseries Team.

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