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Premium Non Drop Nordmann Fir Trees

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100/150 Plenty of Stock£40.96Plenty of Stock£39.76
150/175 Plenty of Stock£49.94Plenty of Stock£48.74
175/200 cm Plenty of Stock£59.94Plenty of Stock£58.74
200/225 cm Plenty of Stock£69.95Plenty of Stock£67.55
225/250 Plenty of Stock£79.96Plenty of Stock£77.56
250/275 Plenty of Stock£94.96Plenty of Stock£92.56
275/300 cm Plenty of Stock£109.96Plenty of Stock£106.36
300/350 OUT OF STOCK - SOLD OUT £153.60OUT OF STOCK - SOLD OUT£147.60
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Freshly-cut, super-premium grade, non-drop Christmas trees. Free delivery.

These fabulous non-drop trees are available to order NOW! Your Christmas Tree wil be delivered between 7th - 14th December ONLY. Orders for Christmas Trees must be made by 30.09.20. There will be no collections or forecourt sales this year.

Our beautiful, non-drop Nordmann fir Christmas trees are the highest quality available. Their classically symmetrical shape and the fact they hold their needles indoors for 4-6 weeks* make them ideal for maximum wow factor and minimum fuss. They’re fantastic value too and delivery to your door is free! Our Nordmanns have strong, layered, well-spaced branches and attractive, shiny, dark green needles with silvery undersides – they’re perfect for decorating with the added bonus that the needles are soft and blunt, making them super-friendly for all ages wielding baubles, lights and beloved Christmas ornaments.

Do order early – your tree will look great for weeks with a little simple care (see below) and remember that Nordmanns can be quite wide – a 6ft tree needs a 5ft space to show it off to its full glory!

Top Tips to Keep Your Tree Looking Good into the New Year

  • Un-net your tree as soon as it arrives – this will improve air circulation and prevent the tree from overheating in the middle.
  • Stand it in a bucket of water and keep it outside until you’re ready to bring it in.
  • Just before you do bring it inside, cut a little off the trunk to help the tree take up water. Place it in a good quality water stand (hyperlink if you sell them) no more than 30 minutes later (or the trunk will seal itself).
  • A 6ft tree can drink up to 2 pints of water a day, so top up daily. Keeping your tree well-watered and cool will keep it healthy and happy.
  • Position away from direct sources of heat such as radiators and open fires.
  • When you remove the tree from your house, wrap it in a large dustbin liner, polythene sheet or even a rug – this will make a vast difference to the number of needles left on the floor!

Enjoy your tree and Happy Christmas from us all.

Christmas Tree Small Print

These are cut trees and have no root system (we do sell sapling Nordmann Firs, but as they are only 20cm tall you'll need a few of years before they'll be fit for Christmas duty!)

We deliver Christmas trees as separate deliveries due to their bulk and weight. Although the trees do not incur a delivery charge normal courier surcharges will apply (see our terms and conditions). Any additional items on your order will be processed as a separate order and will be subject to our normal delivery terms and conditions.

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