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Amur Maple Trees

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Amur Maple Trees

Acer tartaricum ginnala is a small ornamental tree with warm red and orange autumn leaves. It has a low, branching habit and neat, rounded head. The tiny, cream coloured flowers are not showy but very fragrant. The seeds are winged "helicopters" called samara and the young stems are a red/brown, changing within 2 years to an elephant grey. The leaves are typically maple shaped being broadly triangular with three lobes. They are dark green on top and pale underneath. The autumn colour is truly excellent, exploding into yellows, golds and reds with touches of purple. You can grow Amur maple in a large pot but in open ground Amur Maple trees can reach a height of about 7 metres. It is enormously hardy, and an outstanding tree for the edge of woodland where it adds a touch of bright colour to any autumn display fro the other varieties in our list of garden trees.


History & uses of Acer ginnala
Acer tataricum ginnala is a native of the China and Japan. It was first encountered by Western botanists in the Amur river region, which defines part of the northern border between Russia and China.

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