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M9 2 Year Out of Stock £3.05Out of Stock £2.55Out of Stock £2.25
MM106 2 Year Out of Stock £3.05Out of Stock £2.55Out of Stock £2.25
Quince A 1 Year Out of Stock £3.05Out of Stock £2.55Out of Stock £2.25

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Apple & Pear Rootstocks

The rootstock of your fruit tree controls its final size.
You can buy four apple rootstock sizes: M27 (very dwarfing), M9 (dwarfing), MM106 (semi-vigorous or "normal") and M25 (vigorous which produces the largest apples trees) as well as one pear size, Quince A (semi-vigorous, normal) for grafting your own trees.

DIY grafting is satisfying work and it can create new fruit trees for you from cuttings of an old, dying tree whose name has been lost.

There are many expert books out there on grafting.
In summary, you plant your rootstock in the winter and let it establish through early spring.
You can graft to it in various ways when it is growing away in April or May.

Browse our full range of apple trees for sale or see the full variety of fruit trees available online.

Our Guarantee applies only to the rootstock:
Please note that our survival guarantee only covers the rootstock if it dies before grafting. It does not cover the graft itself.
If you are not familiar with grafting but want to give it a try, may we recommend two excellent videos by Stephen Hayes. You should watch his work on collecting scion wood

and then an excellent video on different grafting techniques. 


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