Clematis - Jackmanii

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About Clematis 'Jackmanii':

Clematis 'Jackmanii' is an extremely popular variety that was the first of the modern large flowered hybrids to be introduced in Britain.

Wonderfully vigorous, it produces masses of sumptuous blooms throughout the summer. The velvety flowers are deep violet-purple with beautiful cream and wine-red anthers at the centre. It's a really versatile plant that copes brilliantly on a north facing wall or in a container.

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Great for your garden:

'Jackmanii' Clematis looks wonderful when trained over a trellis or pergola, and because of its vigour can also be encouraged to climb up through trees.

Because is so tolerant of shade it makes it a great choice for a tricky area of the garden where other climbers may struggle. It is also suitable for growing in a container and can make a wonderful addition to a patio or balcony.

This Clematis comes with the highly regarded RHS Award of Garden Merit.

'Jackmanii' characteristics.

  • Flower colour: Deep purple
  • Flower shape: Large, open star, 4 - 6 petals
  • Fragrance: Mild scent
  • Approximate flowering season: July - September
  • Final height and spread: 4m x 1m
  • Pruning group: 3
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit

  • Look out for:

    As with all Clematis aphids may become a problem. Spray if infestations get really bad.

    May have some susceptibility to Clematis wilt. Avoid through mulching and deep root cultivation. Cut out infected stems and destroy immediately. Disinfect your tools after using.

    Slime flux can occasionally be a problem. Damaged stems can be infected by the bacteria causing a foul smelling ooze from the affected area. Affected stems should be cut back to a healthy shoot, the infected material destroyed.


    'Jackmanii' Clematis was the first large flowered hybrid to be introduced here in Britain in 1862. It was bred from crosses made by the legendary nurseryman George Jackman of the wild, red form of C. viticella which is native to Europe, and C. lanuginosa which originated in China.

    C. 'Jackmanii' quickly became one of the most popular Clematis on the market - which it remains to this day.

    Images supplied by Clematis on the Web.

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