Clematis fargesoides Summer Snow

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Clematis - Summer Snow
Clematis x fargesioides Summer Snow

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Clematis x fargesioides Summer Snow:

Clematis x fargesioides 'Summer Snow' is a large, vigorous climber which will need space in which to expand. It is happy planted in most aspects although, as with all clematis, it requires shade at its roots and prefers an alkaline to neutral soil.

The flowers, which are held in profusion from July through to the end of September, are white with anything from 4 to 6 petals, 4cm to 5cm across and carrying long stemmed cream coloured stamens which stand out prettily against the recurving petals. It requires no pruning after the first year and it self seeds readily.

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Great for your garden:

Clematis x fargesioides 'Summer Snow' is an exceptionally vigorous climber that will happily cover a shed or an eyesore, clothe a wall or scramble over an arch or pergola. It is also very happy as ground cover and, after the first year's pruning, can be left to cover a large area of bare soil.

As it flowers in summer, from June through to September, it can be planted alongside another vigorous clematis such as one of the montanas, when the flowering season will be extended from early spring until early autumn. It does need space in which to expand and is not suitable for small gardens and, due to its similarity in flower to our native wild clematis, it looks exceptionally good as part of a 'wild garden' planting.

'Summer Snow' characteristics.

  • Flower colour: White with prominent creamy stamens
  • Flower shape: Star shaped, recurving petals,
  • Foliage: Mid-green
  • Fragrance: Lightly scented
  • Approximate flowering season: July - September
  • Final height: 4-6m
  • Pruning group: 3
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit

Look out for:

Summer Snow Clematis are relatively disease free.

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