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Malus Profusion

Malus Profusion crabapple trees long season of interest starts with blazing purple-red spring foliage and shoots that simmer down into a dark, almost metallic purple-green colour as they mature. This darker tone provides a background for the deep pink flowers that come out in such quantity that this tree could only be called Profusion! The overall effect is something like the colour of a glass of red wine with sunlight shining through it. After the autumn display of coloured foliage, the clusters of tiny maroon fruit become visible, which can hang on the branches well into the new year. These can be cooked and eaten but apart from being used in crab apple jelly, they are too small to recommend for this purpose. If it has a weakness Profusion is slightly susceptible to apple canker and mildew, which can be a problem in warmer, damper parts of the country like Wales and South West England, but they are such a magnificent sight that the risk is worth the reward. Profusion forms a medium sized trees with a rounded canopy that tends to droop with age rather than spread outwards so very suitable for the average garden. Ultimately Profusion crabapples will grow to about 8 metres tall. 

Have a look at our other varieties of flowering crabapples, but for a slightly less gorgeous but more disease resistant variety of red leaved crabapple, have a look at its parent, Malus moerlandsii.

How Standard Trees are Measured:
All the plants in the ornamental trees section are graded as standards, which means that they are measured by their girth in centimetres 1 metre above ground level (basically, their trunk's waist measurement). They aren't measured by their height, which will vary. So, a 6/8 standard has a trunk with a circumference of 6-8 centimetres and an 8/10 standard has a trunk 8-10 centimetres around. 

History of Malus Profusion
This hybrid tree comes from the USA, where it was bred in the 1930's.

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