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These Dahlias are in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Browse our full range of dahlias here.

Remember that dahlias are half-hardy, and so we deliver tubers, rooted cuttings and larger, pot-grown plants at different times to ensure they are not caught by the frost. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. 

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
American Sun Dahlia American Sun (Decorative) Tuber 10
Bodacious Dahlia - Bodacious Tuber 25
Fairway Spur Dahlia Fairway Spur Tuber 129
Honka Yellow Dahlia Honka Tuber 3
Myrtle's Folly Dahlia fimbriata Myrtle's Folly Tuber 36
Pinelands Pam Dahlia Pinelands Pam Tuber 235
Pooh Dahlia Pooh Tuber 43
Sir Alf Ramsey Dahlia Sir Alf Ramsey Tuber 2
White Onesta Dahlia White Onesta (Decorative) Tuber 41

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