Blue Hobbit Sea Holly

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Misc Wildlife Value
Shade Full Sun
Area Coastal Areas, Exposed Windy Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Good, Well Drained, Poor/Dry
Colour Blue, Medium
Type Pot Grown
Also Good Repeat Flowering, Seedheads, Foliage
Flowering Jul, Aug, Sep

Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit

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Blue Hobbit Sea Holly

Eryngium planum Blue Hobbit is a striking, compact perennial for a sunny border, with electric blue thistle-like flowers. However, if you're looking for shade lovers or something that will grow on heavier soil, can we point you in the direction of our collection of herbaceous perennials where you will find plenty more garden-worthy specimens to suit your needs.

It's the unusual shape and architectural qualities that make Eryngiums so popular. And Blue Hobbit - a mini version at just 30cm tall - is no exception. The small blue flowerheads, cones tightly packed with tiny flowers and surrounded by a ruff of spiny bracts, start off from fresh green buds and mature to a piercing sky blue from mid-summer to early autumn. These rise up on erect branched stems, topping a neat clump of deeply-lobed, silvery blue-green spiny leaves. The flowerheads last well and bring a handsome structure to the winter garden. They're great for bringing in for summer or, dried, for winter arrangements, too.

In the garden

Eryngium Blue Hobbit is ideal for growing at the front of a border, in a sunny courtyard or gravel garden or in container on a sunny patio. It also copes well with sea spray, so it's good on the coast. It's best in free-draining soil, slightly poor soil, in a sunny position. Protect it from the worst of winter wet – by planting on a good layer of gravel or horticultural grit. Leave the seedheads on over winter for the birds and for a nice bit of structural interest.

It's a brilliant perennial for that tricky dry, sunny spot where the hose won't reach. The blues and silvers of eryngiums combine fabulously with yellow and orange if you have the nerve. Try growing in front of rich orange rudbeckias, red heleniums or red hot pokers. The flat yellow heads of achilleas also share the same need for hot, dry conditions. Weave in a few tall, wafty grasses and your sun-soaked border is complete.

Sea hollies are loved by bees and butterflies, but not by rabbits or deer.


  • Colour: steely blue flowers surrounded by spiky silver bracts
  • Flowering: Jul-Sep
  • Foliage: silver, deeply lobed and spiny
  • Height: 30cm
  • Spread: 30cm
  • Spacing: 30cm
  • Soil: free-draining, chalk, loam or sand

Did you know?

Sea hollies have extremely long taproots, which is what makes them so tolerant of drought.

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