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If you didn’t plant spring flowering bulbs last Autumn, our range of 1 litre potted bulbs will fill the gap.
These are our hand-planted, premium bulbs, grown here in Somerset in local Rocketgro peat free compost and recyclable pots!
You can either plant them out now, or leave them to flower this year in their pots.

A 1 litre pot contains approximately:

  • 10 small bulbs: anemones, crocus, dwarf daffodils, iris reticulata etc or
  • 5 large bulbs: hyacinths, daffodils, tulips 

Some spring bulbs such as snowdrops are happy to be planted bareroot; browse our list of "bulbs in the green".

To plant potted bulbs out in your garden simply:

  • Break the soil up with a fork
  • Prepare a hole of about the same size and depth as the pot
  • Turn the bulbs out of their pots and pop them in
  • Backfill with the same soil you removed for the hole, even if your soil is truly awful.
  • Mulch annually in late winter or early spring with a generous layer of compost.
  • Let the worms carry the mulch down into the soil!

Your bulbs are delivered by mail order direct from our nursery, along with expert advice, friendly support, plus Free Returns, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.