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Red Glow Crabapple Trees

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Malus Red Glow

The Malus Red Glow crabapple is a bold, vigorous variety that is much in demand thanks to its high quality fruit, which are great to cook with and measure up to 5cms across, which is big for a crabapple. The young leaves have a red tint that makes Red Glow a little more exciting in spring, though it wears off by the time the flowers bloom in mid-April. You'll hardly have time to miss them though, as the clear pink blossom is an eye-catching treat with a colour equal to any rose. We recommend this crabapple as a beautiful specimen tree that is also going to stock your kitchen with useful fruit for cooking. (The size of the fruit make them the least trouble of almost any crab if you are making jelly. Easy picking and easy preparation. The crabs look wonderful on the tree too, with rich purple-red skin like a newly ripe plum. Malus Red Glow can reach a height of about 8 metres.

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