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Forsythia Spectabilis

Key Data
Misc Shrub, Wildlife Value
Area Exposed Windy Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Alkaline/Chalky
Colour Yellow/Gold
Type Hedging, Screening
Flowering Mar, Apr

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Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis Hedging

Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis is the most widely grown variety of Forsythia. It makes a wonderful early spring specimen shrub as it is covered in the most gorgeous golden yellow blossom in March and April, lighting up gardens wherever it is grown. Its beauty is unfussy, as forsythia will grow in most soils and in any location providing it gets sun. It is perfectly hardy in the UK where it can grow 4 metres in perfect conditions. If you have the room, grow it in a mixed border or shrubbery and if you are worried that it might look a bit... boring after it has flowered, then think about using it as a host for a smaller clematis which can ramble through its branches and flower, depending on variety from May onwards. Underplant the base with snowdrops and you have a 6-8 month show. Fabulous. 

We only sell Forsythia as barerooted plants so delivery is during the planting months of October - April. The sizes shown - as with all our hedge plants - are in centimetres and measured as if the plant was already in the ground (the roots don't count).

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Spacing Forsythia hedge:
As a specimen plant, Forsythia needs a bit of room to let it get to full size so allow about a 2m width (although with pruning you can get away with a good bit less). It makes an unusual hedge as well in which case you would plant at 2-3 plants per metre, 33-50 cms apart.

History & uses of Forsythia intermedia Spectabilis:
Forsythia x intermedia is a hybrid of Forsythia suspensa and Forsythia viridissima. This particular cultivar was discovered in 1906.

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