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The Best Nut Tree Varieties

Nuts are not really fruit trees, but they all taste good together with chocolate, or without it, so here they are.

Wild walnuts will eventually dwarf any fruit tree, and are a joy to see in large gardens and parks; the named cultivars' cropping lives start earlier, and they can be kept to a smaller size of around 5 metres. The value to the people who own them as timber in future decades is likely to be more than enough to incentivise planting more.  

For the average garden, the comparatively small, even shrubby, hazelnut varieties are far and away the most popular. They also make a wonderful windbreak: a tall, rarely cut hedge, in effect. You may need squirrel deterrent to keep them, but they crop heavily with few problems and, given full sun, are fine on poor soils with help from your mulching, or damp soils that waterlog periodically in winter. 

All our nut trees are covered by our replacement Guarantee, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence. Best advice & friendly support throughout. 

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  1. Corylus avellana

    40-125cms Hedge Plants
    • Hedge Height: 1m upwards
    • Soil: all soils
    • Use: Country/eco hedging, coppicing, specimen tree
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Double Row: 5/m staggered, rows 40 cm apart
    • Colour: Bright Green
    • Fruit: edible nuts in autumn, catkins in February
    • Location: Shade tolerant
    From £1.80  Inc VAT

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