Garden Bulbs for Sale

You can buy premium quality flowering garden bulbs here to add colour to borders, containers, woodland, orchard and hedging at times of the year when there is little else to see. Flower bulbs are such good doers, easy to grow and so uncomplaining that they should be seen (and grown) more. All they need is soil with adequate drainage, ideally with some organic matter added, enough light in their growing season which is often when the leaves are off the trees anyway.

Daffodils, Crocuses and Tulips are a great addition to any garden, adding a dash of colour year after year. We have a large variety of garden bulbs for sale, including Snowdrops, Pink Daffodils, King Alfreds and many of the most popular varieties. Our bulb packs contain some great mixes; the Naturalising Mix contains seven different daffodils, including the fabulous double flowered Golden Ducat daffodil. For a great blend of colour, the Exotic Daffodils Mixture - which contains both Pink Pride bulbs and Yellow Cheerfulness bulbs - is a must see.

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