Glen Ample Raspberries

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Misc RHS AGM, Edible Fruit / Nuts, Self fertile
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Fruiting Mid Season Fruiting
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Glen Ample Raspberry Bushes

Glen Ample raspberries are the best and heaviest cropping of the mid-season raspberries. They ripen from the first week of July onwards and plants are generally 50% cropped by the end of the third week of July with a "trickle of fruit" for about 3 weeks after that.

Glen Ample is nearly spine free with upright canes. The fruiting side growths are also upright and carry relatively few leaves making picking easier. All our raspberry canes - which we supply bare-rooted fall into one of the following categories: early, mid-season - like Glen Ample, late and autumn fruiting depending on when the bulk of their crop is ready for picking. Raspberries produce a first, large flush of fruit - roughly half the total in the first few weeks of fruiting. Thereafter the supply of raspberries reduces. For continuous picking, therefore, you will need to have some of each type.

These are certified raspberry plants grown from virus-tested parent material in the UK.

Please note that in line with general practice, all our raspberries are delivered with last year's growth cut back to 45-60 cms. So summer fruiting raspberries may only bear a few berries in the summer following planting and their first full fruiting season will be in the year after. 

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