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Hangy Down Apple Trees

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Fruiting Late Season
Type Cider / Perry

Malus domestica Hangy Down

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Malus domestica Hangy Down / Horners

Hangy Down or Horners are cider apples that have been left behind by the mainstream cider industry, but are adored by low production specialists. These apples aren't the most photogenic specimens, with pale yellow green skin, mottled by patchy red flushes. The tree is slow growing compared to most other apple Trees-, though once it matures it will become a heavy cropper. The fruit, however, has a high sugar content, giving them a mild bittersweet flavour that makes them fantastic additions to any cider mixture, although they don't have enough body to make a good cider all by themselves. They are also very resistant to scab and canker, which tend to be more of a problem in the warmer, wetter areas in western Britain and so should be considered for organic growing in those regions.

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Pollination Partners for Hangy Down

Crab apples are the best pollinators, bar none. Golden Hornet is a good choice. Hangy Down is an early flowerer and can also be pollinated by fertile apple Trees- in the early or mid-season groups of the Apple Tree Pollination guide.

Hangy Down Rootstocks

MM106 rootstocks give you the freedom to grow a medium to large tree or to train your tree into just about any form you like, such as a bush, cordon, fan or espalier.

Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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