Buckthorn Hedge Plants

Buckthorn Hedge Plants

There is a buckthorn that will grow in practically any soil. As a family, they are strong growing shrubs or small trees. Buckthorns are ideal components of mixed hedging; they bring the kind of variety that helps to attract wildlife - some of it very rare indeed. And on top of all that, they add to a hedge's visual appeal with flowers, glorious autumn foliage and berries. for practically. But if Buckthorn is not for you, take a look at the rest of our hedge plants.

Buckthorn in Summary

  • Uses: Mixed native hedgerows from 100 cms upwards
  • Good Points: Native, attracts wildlife
  • Position: there is a buckthorn for almost any ground
  • Growth: 40+ cms p.a.

Choosing, Planting and Caring for Buckthorn

Location, location. There are three buckthorns that you should consider.

  • Alder Buckthorn (Frangula alnus) loves wet ground and soil that is acidic rather than neutral. It hates chalk.
  • Purging Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) if much more soil tolerant and grows perfectly well on alkaline soils. Likes more light than Alder Buckthorn.
  • Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides). Guess what? This is a true seaside shrub. Give it thin soil, salt air and wind and it thrives.

Planting Buckthorn

Just follow the instructions in our video on planting a country hedge. All the buckthorns are resilient plants and will respond well to even the most basic preparation.


As always, the number one and two requirements are ensuring your plants have adequate water and that weeds are removed to prevent competition before your buckthorn has established and is able to grow away by itself. Apart from that, cut it back hard in the year it was planted and again the following year. After that, just keep it trimmed.

Buying Buckthorn

You can buy all the varieties of Buckthorn we sell in the exact numbers you require. The price per plant reduces as you order more plants of any one variety and size.

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  1. Hippophae rhamnoides - 60-80cms Shrubs
    • Native. Thorny. Edible orange berries.
    • Grows on chalk & the coast.
    • Fixes nitrogen.
    • Good for stabilising sand dunes.
    • Max. Height: 8m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £3.24  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Ordering from mid-August 2020

  2. Rhamnus cathartica - 60-80cms Shrubs
    • Grows anywhere with decent drainage.
    • Good hedging & screening.
    • Max. Height: 6m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £3.12  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Ordering from mid-August 2020

  3. Rhamnus frangula - 60-80cms Saplings
    • Large, hardy native shrub.
    • Ideal for wet, peaty sites.
    • Good for hedging.
    • Max. Height: 7m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.
    From £2.82  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Ordering from mid-August 2020

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