Joan J Raspberry Canes - Autumn Fruiting Raspberries

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Misc RHS AGM, Edible Fruit / Nuts, Self fertile
Area Exposed Windy Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Fruiting Late Season
Type Eating

Raspberry - Joan J
Rubus idaeus Joan J

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Joan J - Late Season Raspberry Bushes

Joan J raspberries are one of the latest and best "primocane" or autumn fruiting raspberries. This sort of raspberry fruits on the current year's growth as opposed to stems from the year before. If you prefer the more traditional varieties, have a look at the rest of our range of raspberries

Joan J raspberry canes begin cropping at the very end of July and then fruits through to the first frosts in October. Joan J raspberries are bigger and (in our opinion) taste better than Autumn Bliss. They freeze really well, without the increase in acidity that is often found in other varieties.

Raspberries carry a first large fruiting - about 50% of the total in the first 2-4 weeks after they begin fruiting, followed by a much steadier yield for the remainder of their season. So if you want to pick raspberries from June to October you will need to have some early, some mid-season, some late fruiting and some autumn raspberry canes. Joan J does the last bit better than any other.

Like all autumn fruiting raspberries Joan J needs little support, and unless it is in a windy spot it does not need to be tied to horizontal wires. Autumn fruiting raspberries are best planted with about 60cms between plants in all directions.

Joan J is supplied bare rooted. These are certified raspberry plants grown from virus-tested parent material in the UK.

Please note that in line with general practice, all our raspberries are delivered with last year's growth cut back to 45-60 cms. Summer fruiting raspberries may only bear a  few berries in the summer following planting but their first full fruiting season will be in the year after. Autumn fruiting raspberries will fruit much better in their first year than their summer fruiting cousins.    

Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
Bareroot and potted - what' s the difference?

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