Jupiter Apple Trees

Key Data
Misc RHS AGM, Spur Fruiting, Triploid
Pollination Group Pollination Group D
Type Eating

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Malus Domestica Jupiter

The Jupiter Apple is a thing to behold. It is often as large as a cooker, round and orange red coloured over a green/yellow main colour with no russety bits. The flesh is cream and slightly coarse but utterly delicious with a firm but not crisp bite and a taste that is like a Cox's Orange Pippin but for many is preferable because it is slightly sharper and more consistent. It certainly is one of the best eating apples we grow and sell. The tree itself errs on the large side - it needs to be to hold those enormous apples! - and crops splendidly. The real bonus is that for our money Jupiter has one of the prettiest blossoms out there; pink and white large flowers with dark pink buds appearing in mid-May and so a little later than some giving it good frost protection. It won its RHS AGM in 1993 and is extremely mildew resistant.

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We are always encouraging you to think of your apple trees not just as something that should be relegated to the orchard (many of us don't have room for those any more!) but seen as an enormously important aesthetic addition to your garden. For a slightly larger garden, Jupiter would be the one to choose for this purpose. The spectacular blossom makes it breath-taking in May especially if you can organise to surround it with May flowering pink and white tulips like  Hemisphere or White Dream or even the purple Negrita with the latest growing Narcissi - Old Pheasant's Eye. You will have achieved heaven then! Apple trees make fabulous natural supports to twine clematis through. Have a look at the enormous range of clematis available and then why stop at one? Jupiter apples are great to eat straight from the tree, do store for up to two months and juice to an ambrosial beverage, certainly a drink for the gods. Finally, as a triploid tree Jupiter does need a couple more apple trees around to pollinate it successfully. Arthur Turner is a great cooker with blossom that won itself an RHS AGM so would be a fitting pollinator for Jupiter. For a very different type of eating apple which Jupiter will approve of, why not try the lovely Beauty of Bath?


  • Height: bushes to 3m, half standards to 4.5m
  • Use: Magnificent eating and juicing.
  • Pruning: Spur bearer
  • Pollination: Needs pollinating
  • Picking: October
  • Apple colour: green / red
  • Pollination Group: Group D
  • Stores: 2 months


This apple must have been named after the King of the Gods from Greek mythology, although Jupiter is the Roman name for the Greek Zeus, not the planet. Jupiter's extraordinary japes and infidelities throughout the Ancient's lore make him, like this apple, a larger than life character, even if he is definitely one you would prefer to have on your side.

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