Availability List of Lavender Plants

We are now taking orders for delivery of lavender later this spring (you can see the full range here). Deliveries are planned to begin in mid-April but weather can knock that into May. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed.

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Arctic Snow Lavender-2L Lavandula angustifolia Arctic Snow 2 Litre Pot 410
French Butterfly Lavender-2L Lavandula stoechas / pedunculata Papillon 2 Litre Pot 152
Grosso Lavender-2L Lavandula intermedia Grosso 2 Litre Pot 97
Lavender, Hidcote - 1 LITRE Lavendula angustifolia Hidcote 1L 2127
Lavender, Hidcote - 2 LITRE Lavendula angustifolia Hidcote 2 Litre Pot 888
Lavender, Munstead - 1 LITRE Munstead Lavender - Blue 1L 3272
Loddon Pink Lavender-2L Lavandula angustifolia Loddon Pink 2 Litre Pot 167
Munstead Lavender - Potted-2 LITRE Lavandula angustifolia Munstead 2 Litre Pot 681
Provençal Lavender-2L Lavandula stoechas Provençal 2 Litre Pot 173
Snowman Lavender-2L Lavandula stoechas Snowman 2 Litre Pot 151
Vera Lavender-2L Lavandula intermedia Vera 2 Litre Pot 213
Victory Lavender-2L Lavandula stoechas Victorie 2 Litre Pot 163

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