Gorgeous Malus 'Gorgeous', airpot grown and available now

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Misc Culinary, Edible Fruit / Nuts, Pollinator, Self fertile, Wildlife Value
Shade Partial Shade
Area Coastal Areas, Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Soil Acidic, Poor/Dry
Colour Red/Crimson
Fruiting Mid Season Fruiting
Also Good Autumn Colour, Berries
Flowering Apr, May

Crab apple, Malus Gorgeous
Malus Gorgeous

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Malus Gorgeous

Corny to say, but the Gorgeous crabapple lives up to its name and is as desirable as it suggests. A petite tree with delicately arching branches covered in prominent pink buds in early spring, it then becomes a mass of palest pink blossom with star-shaped scented, single flowers that fade to white as they age. The flowers are up to 3cm across and in full spate Gorgeous is devastatingly.... well.... gorgeous. All crabapples are self fertile so this diminutive tree will then effortlessly convert that blossom into clusters of cherry-like, bright red crabapples that hang daintily into late winter unless your blackbirds spot them. At the same time, the leaves colour up well to provide a fantastic counterpoint to the pure pastel colours of spring. Unquestionably one of the most beautiful our our crabapple trees.

Gorgeous in your garden

Gorgeous is grown on a semi-vigorous rootstock that will limit its height to between 3-4 metres so it can be squeezed into even the smallest gardens. Because we use airpots to grow this very special tree, you can plant it at any time of the year and know it is going to thrive and, unlike many fruiting trees, Gorgeous is self-fertile so you are guaranteed fruit without needing another one. Equally, if you're lucky enough to have lots of fruit trees, crab apples are excellent pollinators and will guarantee crops of apples on ordinary apple trees. Gorgeous makes a great focal point for a garden at the end of a path or on its own in a lawn during spring when in full flower, or in autumn when its colours and fruit are so striking. Given space, plant a group of them together in a circle as a sort of fairy ring and surround them with bulbs like Camassia leichtlinii or amazing frilly tulips like the Darwin Tulip Pink Impression. In autumn you can then make bewitching jellies from the fruit. Gorgeous would make the perfect gift for anyone, but especially for those with smaller gardens.


  • Final Height/Spread: 4m x 3m
  • Foliage: Deciduous, defined glossy green leaves
  • Soil: Well-drained but copes with a heavy soil
  • Use: Ornamental, culinary (one of the best for jelly)
  • Features: Palest pink/white flowers, red fruits

Did you know?

Crabapples, unlike the ordinary domestic apple, all grow in a cluster from a central point so that you get many stalks emerging from one point. This is why crabapples are so small and why they bear such a strong resemblance to cherries, which grow in the same way. For gardeners it means that you get a concentrated hit of flower and fruit colour in one place, which adds to their attraction. Crabapples belong to the Rosaceae family, along with roses.

Planting times for barerrot plant is November to April
Bareroot and potted - what' s the difference?

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