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These woody garden shrubs are mostly planted as ornamental specimens or as low, decorative hedging and edging within your garden, rather than as serious boundary and privacy hedging for the perimeter, although running bamboo varieties make a solid barrier. Ferns are undemanding and tolerant shade or dryness, and they look great individually in your border and patio pots, or planted en masse in a lush screen.
Inevitably, there is overlap between shrubs and hedging, some things like dogwood are a hedge plant in their wild form and a shrub in their cultivated forms. Several of the large shrubs in this section could be used as proper clipped hedging, but the pruning regimes that bring out their best features are not well suited to a secure or tidy hedge. Likewise, some taller shrubs here could be planted in a row as an informal screen: in practice, they look better with space to shine. 

Roses and lavender each have their own category, as do non-woody perennial plants. 

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