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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Bamboo, Black-100/150cm Pot Phyllostachys nigra 100/150cm Potted 11
Bottlebrush Tree-1/4 Std Callistemon linearis (Quarter Standard) 1/4 Standard 3
Box, Sweet-2L Sarcococca confusa 2 Litre Pot 10
Buddleja, Butterfly Towers-3L Buddleia davidii Butterfly Towers 3 Litre Pot 21
Buddleja, Buzz Candy Pink-3L Buddleia davidii Buzz® Candy Pink 3 Litre Pot 23
Buddleja, Buzz Ivory-3L Buddleia davidii Buzz® Ivory 3 Litre Pot 25
Buddleja, Buzz Magenta-3L Buddleia davidii Buzz® Magenta 3 Litre Pot 13
Buddleja, Buzz Sky Blue-3L Buddleia davidii Buzz® Sky Blue 3 Litre Pot 25
Ceanothus, Lemon and Lime-2L Ceanothus Lemon and Lime 2 Litre Pot 2
Chilean Guava, Flambeau-3L Ugni molinae Flambeau 3 Litre Pot 10
Choisya ternata - Mexican Orange Blossom - Potted-3L Choisya ternata 3 Litre Pot 9
Choisya, Sundance-3l Choisya ternata Sundance 3 Litre Pot 28
Cistus, corbariensis-2L Cistus corbariensis 2 Litre Pot 4
Cistus, Grayswood Pink-2L Cistus x lenis Grayswood Pink 2 Litre Pot 6
Cistus, Purple-2L Cistus x purpureus 2 Litre Pot 17
Cistus, Sunset-2L Cistus × pulverulentus 'Sunset' 2 Litre Pot 20
Convolvulus cneorum-2L Convolvulus cneorum 2 Litre Pot 37
Cordyline, Red Star-2L Cordyline australis Red Star 2 Litre Pot 107
Creeping bramble - Potted-1.5 LITRE POT Rubus tricolor 1.5L 20
Creeping bramble - Rubus Tricolor -2L Rubus tricolor 2 Litre Pot 87
Cypress, Italian-120/150 Cupressus sempervirens Pyramidalis 100/125 cm - Potted 35
Elaeagnus, Compacta-3L Elaegnus x ebbingei / submacrophylla Compacta 3 Litre Pot 15
Elder, Black Lace-3L Sambucus nigra Black Lace 3 Litre Pot 29
Escallonia, Apple Blossom (Potted)-3L Escallonia 'Apple Blossom' 3 Litre Pot 9
Escallonia, Iveyi (Potted)-3L Escallonia iveyi 3 Litre Pot 14
Fern, Copper Shield-2L Dryopteris erythrosora 2 Litre Pot 1
Fern, Crispa Cristata-2L Dryopteris filix mas Crispa Cristata 2 Litre Pot 11
Fig, Common-1/2 Std Potted Ficus carica 1/2 Standard Potted 14
Fuchsia, Alice Hoffman-2L Fuchsia Alice Hoffman 2 Litre Pot 22
Fuchsia, Delta Sarah-2L Fuchsia Delta Sarah 2 Litre Pot 31
Fuchsia, Dollar Princess-2L Fuchsia Dollar Princess 2 Litre Pot 33
Fuchsia, Genii-2L Fuchsia Genii 2 Litre Pot 32
Fuchsia, Snowcap-2L Fuchsia Snowcap / Wendy Catt 2 Litre Pot 25
Hebe, Burning Heart-2L Hebe / Veronica Burning Heart, Magicolors Range 2 Litre Pot 16
Hebe, Celebration-2L Hebe / Veronica Celebration 2 Litre Pot 2
Hebe, Celine-2L Hebe / Veronica Celine 2 Litre Pot 4
Hebe, Heartbreaker-2L Hebe / Veronica Heartbreaker, Magicolors Range 2 Litre Pot 10
Hebe, Magic Summer-2L Hebe / Veronica Magic Summer, Magicolors Range 2 Litre Pot 9
Hebe, Pink Fizz-2L Hebe / Veronica Pink Fizz 2 Litre Pot 27
Hebe, Pink Pixie-2L Hebe / Veronica Pink Pixie 2 Litre Pot 37
Hebe, Purple Pixie-2L Hebe / Veronica Purple Pixie 2 Litre Pot 8
Hebe, Red Edge-2L Hebe / Veronica Red Edge 2 Litre Pot 47
Hebe, Rhubarb and Custard-2L Hebe Rhubarb and Custard 2 Litre Pot 22
Hebe, Starlight-2L Hebe Starlight 2 Litre Pot 34
Hebe, White Spritzer-2L Hebe White Spritzer 2 Litre Pot 18
Lavatera, Barnsley-3L Lavatera × clementii 'Barnsley' 3 Litre Pot 17
Lavatera, Burgundy Wine-3L Lavatera × clementii 'Burgundy Wine' 3 Litre Pot 19
Mimosa-80/100cm Potted Acacia dealbata 80/100 cm - Potted 5
Palm Tree, Chusan Windmill-4L Trachycarpus fortunei 4 Litre Pot 23
Palm Tree, Fan-1L Chamaerops humilis 1L 28
Palm Tree, Fan-40/60 Potted Chamaerops humilis 40/60 cm - Potted 30
Palm Tree, Fan-4L Chamaerops humilis 4 Litre Pot 18
Palm Tree, Fan-60/80 Potted Chamaerops humilis 60/80 cm - Potted 31
Philadelphus Belle Etoile -3 LITRE POT Philadelphus Belle Etoile 3 Litre Pot 13
Phormium, Jester-3L Phormium Jester 3 Litre Pot 14
Phormium, Platts Black-3L Phormium Platts Black 3 Litre Pot 13
Phormium, Sundowner-3L Phormium Sundowner 3 Litre Pot 11
Phormium, Yellow Wave-3L Phormium Yellow Wave 3 Litre Pot 14
Photinia Red Robin-3L Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' 3 Litre Pot 38
Photinia, Louise-2L Photinia x fraseri 'Louise' 2 Litre Pot 28
Pittosporum, Golf Ball -3L Pittosporum tenuifolium Golf Ball 3 Litre Pot 4
Pittosporum, Silver Queen-3L Pittosporum tenuifolium Silver Queen 3 Litre Pot 5
Pittosporum, Tom Thumb-3L Pittosporum tenuifolium Tom Thumb 3 Litre Pot 7
Spindle, Bravo-2L Euonymus japonicus Bravo 2 Litre Pot 12
Spindle, Ovatus Aureus-2L Euonymus japonicus Ovatus Aureus 2 Litre Pot 15
St John's Wort, Hidcote-3L Hypericum x hidcoteense Hidcote 3 Litre Pot 2
Viburnum bodnantense 'Dawn' - P9 Caned Pot Viburnum bodnantense Dawn P9 (9cm Pot) 88
Viburnum tinus Eve Price (Potted)-3L Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price' 3 Litre Pot 29
Vinca, Alba-2L Vinca minor Alba 2 Litre Pot 6
Vinca, Illumination-2L Vinca minor Illumination 2 Litre Pot 9
Yucca, Variegata-3L Yucca gloriosa Variegata 3 Litre Pot 29

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