Oullins Golden Gage Trees

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Prunus domestica Oullins Gage

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Oullins Golden Gage - Greengage Trees

An Oullins Golden Gage is a large, yellow fruit with dense, quite transparent flesh and the refined, fruity sweetness that you would expect from a Gage. They are a bit less juicy than other gages and plums, which makes them well suited for storage in the freezer or for bottling. The tree itself has a vigorous rate of growth and although it is not a champion cropper, it is regular from one year to the next and the quality and versatility of the fruit mean that it is still an excellent tree for the garden fruit connoisseur.

Browse our range of plum and greengage trees or the full variety of fruit trees.

Oullins Golden Gage History and Parentage

The original tree was discovered by chance during the 1850's in Coligny, near Lyons, so there is no record of its parents. The first man to sell the tree commercially was Monsieur Massot, who decided to name it after his home town of Oullins. Gages are known as Reine Claudes in France, in honour of Queen Claude. She had been a controversial figure in her time and could have split France apart, had she married into the Holy Roman Empire. Perhaps it was out of gratitude for her change of heartvoluntary or otherwise!that these delicious fruit were named after her. The Opal plum tree was created from the Oullins Gage.

Plum Tree Pollination guide for Oullins Golden Gage

The Oullins Gage is considered to be self-fertile and will definitely bear you a healthy crop when planted alone. However, it is widely accepted that self-fertile plants tend to give better crops when they are cross-pollinated. This is rarely a clear cut issue, as nature does not always follow human classifications. A pollination partner such as Czar will have a noticeable positive effect of the size and quality of the harvest. It is also the perfect pollination partner for Old Greengage and Cambridge Gage both of which "need a bit of help"

Gage trees come from warmer climates than ours and require a sensitive touch to give them a head start on British soil. They should only be pruned in summer to avoid silver leaf disease.

Please note that all our Oullins Golden Gage trees are on St Julien A rootstocks unless otherwise described.

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Bareroot planting is best done between November and April
Bareroot and potted - what's the difference?

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