Viennetta Clematis (Clematis florida Viennetta, Evipo006)Viennetta Clematis (Clematis florida Viennetta, Evipo006)

Viennetta Clematis Plants

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The details

Garland Patio Collection

  • Size: 3m
  • Colour: Variable white, green and purple-pink.
  • Packed double flowers
  • Scent: Light/None
  • Flowering: Jun-Sept
  • Needs full sun for the flowers to develop properly.
  • Habit: Climber
  • Pruning group 3
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    Clematis Viennetta, Garland Patio Collection. 3 Litre Pot

    Wonderfully complex double flowers that from a bit of distance almost look like a passion flower. This clematis has a reputation for being quite variable and sometimes reverting to its parental forms either fully or partially, which is true, but not a problem in our book because all the versions are fascinating in their own way. The outer ring of sepals can be green or white, and the inner rosette is mostly purple-pink with a variable amount of green in the centre.
    Blooms June to September. A mid-sized climber, ideal for most sunny patios. To 3m

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    Delivery season: Clematis are delivered in pots year round, when in stock. It is usually best not to plant out pot grown plants in winter, but to keep them until Spring, because they will establish faster in warm soil and give you better first year growth.


    • Size: 3m
    • Colour: Variable white, green and purple-pink
    • Packed double flowers
    • Scent: Light/None
    • Flowering: Jun-Sept
    • Needs full sun for the flowers to develop properly.  
    • Habit: Climber
    • Pruning group 3

    Growing Viennetta Clematis

    It will be happiest in alkaline or neutral soil. Fully hardy, it is best in full sun, where the flowers will develop to their full impressive form more reliably. 

    Did You Know?

    Part of the Garland collection by Raymond Evison and Poulsen Nursery, which are low climbers, great for pots and patios. Introduced in 2002.

    Viennetta ice cream cake was invented in 1982 in Gloucester by Kevin Hillman, Ian Butcher, and Gordon Carrick for Wall's. In 2007, a 22.7 metre long Viennetta took the world record for longest ice cream. Texans were having none of that, so in 2018 four thousand people produced an ice cream sundae over 1,386 metres long at the Spirit of Texas Festival: a tad over 61 times longer. 

    Planting Instructions

    In the first spring after planting, cut all stems back to 30cm. Pruning is not necessary in subsequent years, but cutting back dead and damaged stems will keep the plant tidy and encourage vigorous new growth.