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Wargrave Pink Cranesbill PlantsWargrave Pink Cranesbill Plants

Wargrave Pink Cranesbill Plants

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The details

Geranium x oxonianum, Cranesbill

Pot Grown Herbaceous Perennials
  • Colour: pink
  • Flowering: Jun-Aug
  • Foliage: evergreen, deeply divided
  • Height: 60cm
  • Spread: 90cm
  • Spacing: 80cm
  • Position: sun or shade
  • Soil: any
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Geranium Wargrave Pink

A deservedly popular cranesbill, or hardy geranium, Wargrave Pink merits a place in every garden. The pretty candy-pink flowers are slightly funnelled but mostly open, and beautifully veined in a deeper shade of pink, held aloft above generous healthy mounds of soft-green foliage. It will flower with enthusiasm from June to August or even into October, with minimum care and attention. Snip off a few faded flowers if you really feel you need something to keep you busy, and you'll be rewarded with even more blooms. The leaves are worthy of mention, too, being prettily palmate and deeply lobed, with a barely-there fuzz to the surface. 

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In the garden

Groundcover in shade is what Wargrave Pink is all about, so plant against a north-facing fence, under that tricky tree, or alongside an east-facing wall, where it will soon spread to form a lovely, undemanding mat of green, perking up the space no end with its pretty pink summer flowers. Or plant it towards the front of a shady border, combining it with hostas, viburnums, sarcococcas, pulmonarias, ferns, hellebores and other shade-tolerant shrubs and perennials. It's a classic cottage garden hardy geranium, with all that that implies: fabulous flowers, a relaxed habit, long flowering season and popular with bees and a huge number of pollinating insects - basically it's a must-have!


  • Colour: mid-pink and delicately veined
  • Flowering: Jun-Aug or beyond
  • Foliage: evergreen, palmate, deeply divided
  • Height: 60cm
  • Spread: 90cm
  • Spacing: 80cm
  • Position: sun or shade
  • Soil: any

Did you know?

We have Linnaeus to blame for the confusion that's arisen between geraniums and pelargoniums. Those bright window box favourites were initially listed as geraniums by the Swedish botanist, which is why some still erroneously call pelargoniums geraniums. They were separated into two distinct plant genera by Charles L'Heritier in 1789.

Cultivation Instructions

Geranium Wargrave Pink prefers partial to full shade. Grows well in any soil type, except waterlogged soils. Works well as ground cover at the back of borders or underplanted with taller shrubs such as roses.

Water plants well until established. Remove faded blooms regularly to promote continuous flowering from early summer until autumn. Divide congested clumps in spring to encourage vigorous growth.